Freelance Visa Dubai Requirements

Are you tired of following a mundane 9 to 5 work routine? Do you want to work for yourself, in your comfort, that too without having to rent an office space? UAE has the best opportunity for you. The UAE’s changing work environment is attracting more people to start working for themselves. Moreover, it has also made the freelance permit and freelance visa Dubai more accessible and affordable for common working-class individuals. And that is why Dubai has become a focal point for freelancers in the country with more than 65% of them. 

Why do freelancers choose Dubai?

It is no doubt that Dubai is a popular business destination. Investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world come to Dubai to set up their ventures and start a new life in the vibrant economy of Dubai. Similarly, freelancers can also enjoy all these perks by opting for Dubai as their professional base. Additionally, there are several reasons why Dubai can be beneficial for a freelancer. For example, 

  • Diversified economy
  • Business-friendly environment 
  • High-end lifestyle 
  • Business-pro administration 
  • Amazing infrastructure 
  • Access to Middle-east, Africa, Central Asia, and the Subcontinent
  • Hub of professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors from around the world 
  • Astounding architecture 
  • Glamourous nightlife 
  • Tax-free system 
  • Scaling profits 

Currently, the following free zones in Dubai are issuing freelance visas – 

  • Dubai Internet City 
  • Fujairah Creative City 
  • Dubai Media City
  • Ajman Free Zone 
  • Dubai Knowledge Park 
  • Ras Al Khaimah Economic Free Zone 
  • Dubai Design District 

Professionals who can apply for Dubai Freelance Visa 

Additionally, a Dubai freezone freelance visa can be issued to individuals engaged in the below sectors – 

  • Media – Artists, Actors, Composers, Animators, Directors, Editors, Journalists, Illustrators, Musicians, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Producers, Translators, Writers, Events planners, Cameramen, Audio/Sound engineers, Content Providers, Commentators, Critics, Brand consultants, Furniture Designers, Market Analysts, Presenters, Print Media Specialists, etc.
  • Technology – IT and Telecommunication Networking, Mobile, Web, Software Development, Architecture, Data Science and Analytics, Customer Service, etc. 
  • Creative – Apparel Designer, Concept Designer, Costume Designer, Fashion Artist, Fashion Designer, Fashion Stylist, Image Consultant, Hair Stylist, Interior Designer, Jewelry Designer, Make-up Artist, Object Designer, Personal Shopper, Textile Designer, Visual Merchandiser, Wedding Planner, etc.
  • Education – Education advisors, E-learning advisors, Executive Coaches, Researchers, and Trainers. 

Apart from the above-mentioned sectors, individuals engaged in other professions who want to perform freelance work in the UAE can also get their Freelance Visas and permits easily. These other professions may include accountants, analysts, consultants, hairstylists, textile designers, image consultants, interior designers, etc.  

Benefits of procuring a Freelance Visa Dubai

A freelance visa Dubai is a kind of UAE residency permit that allows its holders to work and live with their family members in the UAE. It is issued to UAE nationals, citizens, residents, as well as non-residents. 

A Dubai freezone freelance visa offers several benefits to its holder, such as – 

  • Flexibility to work for multiple companies
  • Affordable 
  • Flexible work hours 
  • Freedom to work in your comfort 
  • Stay and work in UAE legally 
  • Low setup costs
  • No office space required 
  • Ability to work as an independent employee 
  • Access to free zone business centers 
  • Option to sponsor family 
  • UAE medical insurance
  • Easy to acquire Emirates ID as well as a Residence Visa 
  • Invoicing support 
  • Community support channels 
  • Opportunity to work with government agencies 
  • No requirement for a local sponsor
  • Deviation into a new field of work 
  • No more stress on bookkeeping 
  • More time for leisure activities 
  • Uncomplicated process for bank account opening 
  • Be your own manager
  • Not subject to frequent audits 
  • Freedom to travel anytime, without the stress of work 
  • No limit on monthly earning 

Procedure to apply for Freelance Visa Dubai

Securing a freelance permit as well as a freelance visa Dubai requires you to undergo a simple process. Additionally, you need to secure a freelance permit or license first, before applying for a freelance visa. The process for both is as follows:-  

  • Apply online for a freelance license

To apply for a freelance permit, go to the GoFreelance website and select the option ‘Go Apply’. Then, fill out your details in the application form and submit it along with the supporting documents, such as a resume, photograph, passport copy, UAE entry permit, reference letter from the bank, and a NOC from the sponsor. 

Additionally, the documentation requirements might differ depending on the sector you are applying for. For example, for a freelance license in the education sector, you have to submit proof of your academic qualifications certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the UAE Consulate of your home country. Similarly, for the media sector, you need to submit a portfolio of your work. 

  • Follow up on the application

After you submit your request for a freelance license, you will receive a notification of approval in the email within 10-15 days. Further, you will have to visit the business center in Dubai to personally sign the documents and make the payment of fees. You can choose any of the business centers, the  Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai Media City, or Dubai Internet City, to complete this step. after that, you will receive your freelance license. 

  • Obtain an Establishment Card

Once you obtain your freelance license, you can apply for an establishment card. Hence, for this, you must visit the AXS website and submit your application request along with your Dubai freelance permit and other credentials. Further, make the requisite payment and obtain the establishment card from the GDRFA(General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affair) website. 

  • Apply for the freelance visa

Now that you have your Dubai freelance visa and Establishment Card with you, it’s time to apply for your Freelance Visa Dubai. This application can also be made through the GoFreelance website. Initially, you will receive a Freelance entry permit which is valid for 60 days, based on which you can further apply for a long-term visa on the GDRFA website. 

  • Complete the procedure for the residency visa

While applying for a UAE residence visa, you need to complete certain residency visa procedures including your medical test and document submission. Then, pay the visa application fees and get your passport stamped with a residency visa valid for three years. 

Requirements for Dubai Freelance Visa:- 

  • Dubai Freelance Permit 
  • An updated resume 
  • Recent photographs
  • Passport 
  • Dubai Establishment Card 
  • Bank statements 
  • Proof of capital 
  • Medical test report
  • Contact details 
  • Health insurance 
  • No Objection Letter

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Cost of Freelance Visa in Dubai

Basically, the cost of a Freelance Visa Dubai depends on several factors such as the cost of the freelance permit and the establishment card, Emirates ID fees, medical test, visa stamping fees, etc. 


UAE offers a plethora of opportunities for anyone to become a successful professional in lots of business areas. Besides, with the given advantages and ease of visa applications, Freelance Visa Dubai is indeed one of the best options for freelancers as well as entrepreneurs. 

Nevertheless, by having the right information at the right moment, you can get your Freelance Visa quickly and without any hassle. Shuraa Business Setup will provide you with the information and services you will require to complete your freelance license and visa application process successfully. Furthermore, we also provide services to obtain other types of visas and licenses in Dubai, UAE. 

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So, start your journey as a freelancer in Dubai and enjoy a luxurious and enriching life!


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