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7 Common Uses of Table Vices or Bench Vices

Table vice or bench vice are devices most commonly made of metal or wood are made for the purpose of holding any object that the operator is working on so that it could be held in one place tightly giving the operator an ease to work with it and also helps them complete the task faster. Planning, drilling and sawing are some examples of the common purposes these vices are used for. When you are performing any of these activities they need a tight hold between the instrument and the object that needs to be held in place. Following are some of the common uses of bench vices:


As a general rule, carpentry works include the utilization of paste at the final detail. There must be an additional pressing factor separated from the gravitational power, to hold the pieces together, until they stick dry. For this, holding the pieces or parts utilizing a wood vice is best encouraged. Likewise, it rushes speedy drying/staying of the paste with the material. Aside from carpentry, any work that requires such an application, can be helped with the use of bad habit.


In metal works it is mostly needed to cut metal parts. In order to cut from one side of the metal the other one needs to be held tight. For this application a bench vice would work the best.


This is also used in carpentry. Mostly a pile of stock needs to be sliced. Therefore it is important that the pile is held tightly in the right position so that the wood can be shaved off neatly. You can arrange and grip the trudging pieces using a table vice. This will make the final result to come out as perfect while the furniture is being constructed.


The last little detail in numerous applications like work of art/covering and so forth is given utilizing a sand paper. Scouring a sand paper against a material gives a smooth completion yet gets some down time. Appropriate game plan can help the speed of sanding measure. That is, the concerned material viz., entryway or barbecue, ought to be fixed appropriately on the work region, in any case. Obviously, bench vices are utilized here as well. Additionally, you will shield your hands just as the material under work.

Cutting Electrical Conduits

When you are working with electrical parts or devices cutting does play an important role. For this the electrical conduits should be held tightly in one place that is why bench vices come in handy for such purposes. Whenever you want to buy electronic components UK or US and in the rest world must check the prices and quality.


This is a typical movement engaged with different regions like pipes, carpentry, electrical fittings, and inside stylistic themes. Boring requires basic steadiness and accuracy. A table vice can be utilized to stand firm on the driller at the exact situation and in this manner drill the openings required. It gives the vital security for the penetrating device utilized. Accordingly, utilization of bench vices have gotten unavoidable for drilling purposes


All the above applications that we discussed a bench vice also serves all the purposes of a workbench holding the objects tight. They can even replace these workbenches.

Things to consider when you buy a table vice

Before you invest in purchasing any tool just like a table vice you need to take a few things into consideration to make sure that you buy the right thing. This also depends on the purpose and applications you need it for and how you are going to use it. Here we will state a few things you should be careful about before you make your purchase decision.

  • You should consider what kind of objects you will mostly hold with the vice. It is better to buy a vice with integrated pipe jaws.
  • The size of the objects you will work with also needs to be considered, vices are available in 4, 5, 6 & 8 sizes.
  • Then the shape of the objects whether they are odd shaped or regular objects. For odd shaped objects a 360o swivel base is appropriate and for regular objects a specialty vice will be needed.
  • You also need to consider the amount of time you are going to use the vice for.
  • If you are going to largely work with hammering and shaping pieces then buy a vice with a large rear anvil.
  • If your work frequently involves holding and removing objects then you need to look for a vice that has a quick release opening system.

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