7 Factors That Affect The Cost To Ship A Car

If you’re planning on having your vehicle shipped to another state, you might be surprised by the cost. The shipping price varies depending on the size of the vehicle, the distance of the route, and the company that’s doing the shipping. To get the most accurate estimate on the car shipping cost, you need to keep in mind certain factors.


Car shipping cost is a big concern for many people. You might think that your car can’t go on the same truck as your other items, but you’re mistaken. It’s important to find a car transport company to move your vehicle to ensure it gets there safely. The price of the car shipping will depend on where you are moving your vehicle to, because prices may be different in cities or rural areas.

When you need hauling, it is important to know the distance you need your vehicle moved. Transporting your vehicle to major cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Boston is cheaper than transporting to less popular destinations. This is because these are the most popular areas for auto transport routes.

Rural areas often have a hard time finding reliable, affordable car shipping services. This is due to the fact that most auto transporters are focused on the big, popular routes. If they have to turn aside the main route to deliver your vehicle, it will cost more because of added miles and gas. Your vehicle will be in the possession of the autotransporter for longer.


When you contact a car hauling company with your vehicle, the season will affect the cost. For example, you may be charged more in winter than in summer.

Winter is the best season to fly south. Snowbirds season is when retirees move to Southern states like Florida, Texas, or Arizona. Sometimes this leads to increased traffic and more dangerous road conditions. All of this can drive up vehicle transportation costs.

Car shipping during the summer will be about the same as during winter. However, there are some differences in pricing depending on what type of transport you need. If you own a luxury car, you may want to pay for an enclosed shipment as opposed to open-air shipping.

Delivery time frame

When shipping a car, it’s not just about the cost. Customers are also concerned with how long it will take to get the vehicle. The faster you want your vehicle delivered, the more expensive it is. Just like any other express shipping service, fast vehicle shipping is more expensive than standard service.

Car shipping companies must plan routes for quick pick up and delivery. The cost will be more expensive if the route is not well planned. Flexible requests are less expensive because they allow transportation companies to organize their deliveries in the most efficient way possible, which is an empty trailer delivering within close proximity.

Open and enclosed carrier

Auto transportation carriers offer two types of delivery: open and enclosed. Open is less expensive, but it exposes cars to weather and road debris. Enclosed is more expensive, but it keeps cars safer from the elements.
Open car shipping is less expensive because there are more cars on the truck that can be transported at a time. Most consumers choose this option because it’s cheaper. Enclosed car delivery is a premium transport method because the cars are covered and weatherproof.

Clients often request enclosed vehicle shipping to ship their high-end sports cars or classic cars. This type of shipping is often preferred for the safety of the vehicle and comes at a higher cost.
Vehicle Modifications

Car hauling companies offer many services to customers shipping cars. Standard shipping is straight-forward and less expensive, but premium shipping might be necessary if the vehicle has been modified. If the car has been lifted or lowered, for example, it will need special handling because of its height.

Your modified car means that the car hauler will have to change the levels of the truck to transport it. This adjustment, among other things, will affect the cost of transporting your vehicle.

Size and weight

Your vehicle’s physical size and weight affect your transportation costs. The larger the vehicle, the more expensive it will be to transport. The more compact the vehicle, the less space it takes up and the smaller its weight is, which means a smaller cost for transporting.

Large vehicles take up more space on the trailer, so it is important to know how much space they take up. They also weight more than smaller vehicles, so this affects the fuel consumption of the car transporting truck.

Loaded Vehicle

Sometimes customers need to move some personal items while their car is shipped. For instance, if someone is moving they can use the cargo and passenger spaces of the car to transport goods. But adding weight to the car can make it more expensive to ship.

Some auto transporters don’t allow personal items in the car, so if you want to take your favorite items with you there is a catch. Even if they have insurance, car shipping companies cannot legally transport household goods and will refuse to do so.

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