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8 Beautiful Honeymoon Places In Munnar To Enjoy The Peace And Privacy

Kerala is one of the most beautiful and calming states in South India. The hills that encircle Kerala are rich in unusual flora and wildlife, as well as stunning landscapes. Munnar is a hill station in Kerala that is a famous honeymoon destination. Munnar offers scenic views that complement the refined attractiveness of this charming tea town. Almost every point in Munnar is photogenic, and you will have plenty of possibilities to capture the magnificence of this location on camera. As there are a plethora of honeymoon places in Munnar, this is sure that you will not feel bored at any moment. You can visit Munnar for your honeymoon by simply booking any of the Munnar honeymoon packages offered by Lock Your Trip

A visit to this lovely town will enhance your honeymoon experiences and warm your heart with love. Munnar is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and green destinations to visit in India. It has captured the hearts of many couples and honeymooners due to its incomparable appeal, gorgeousness and lovely surroundings. It’s no surprise that it’s one of India’s most popular honeymoon locations. To assist you in the best, in this blog, we will mention a few best honeymoon places in Munnar for an intimate vacation. 

Mattupetty Dam

Hold your companion’s hand and take them to Mattupetty Dam, one of the most popular honeymoon places in Munnar. Blue and green colours calm the eye, and the lovely environment warms the heart, especially when you’re there with your better half. This dam is placed within the heavenly canvas, surrounded by the tallest mountain in the Western Ghats and South India, Anamudi Peak. It was established in 1940 for the purpose of water savings and electricity generation, and it now includes various activities for couples to enjoy. 

Couples Friendly Activities In Mattupetty Dam: 

  • Trek to the neighbouring Shola jungles.
  • Explore the well-known Indo-Swiss Farm Project.
  • Enjoy a thrilling speedboat ride at Mattupetty Lake.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking views of hills and grasslands. 

Photo Point

A vantage point on a roadside with views of mountains, verdant forests, and hillside tea gardens sounds like the ideal place to spend some time with your partner.  The Photo Point is located 3 kilometres from Munnar on the way to Mattupetty and is only a bend on the roadways of the Nilgiri Hills, but the experience it offers is totally different from others. Also, if you missed out on some incredible couple photos, here is your chance to shine and create the perfect couple shot to remember for a lifetime. There is no entry fee, no hassle, just quality time with your sweetheart. The breathtaking views of the hills, mountains, and valleys make this one of the greatest honeymoon places in Munnar. 

Couples Friendly Activities In Photo Point: 

  • Enjoy the wonderful weather.
  • Appreciate the charm of this location.
  • Take romantic walks together in hand.
  • Take charming and sweet couple selfies. 

Lockhart Gap

Lockhart Gap is one of the most relaxing and peaceful honeymoon places in Munnar for couples to enjoy. If you and your partner enjoy trekking, this is one of the top hiking destinations in Kerala. It is undoubtedly a sign for you to travel here with your loved one, as it is named after a heart-shaped valley between two mountains. Hike to the upper end just to see the foggy mountains, winding trails, and emerald valleys, and don’t miss the spectacular sunset. The ideal time to express your feelings to your better half. This location is ideal for adventurous and mountaineering-interested couples who want to view the plentiful flora and take some romantic photos to make everyone jealous. 

Couples Friendly Activities In Lockhart Gap: 

  • Trek through the twisting paths.
  • Hold hands and enjoy the beautiful sunset.
  • Witness the beautiful charm of misty air, grassy valleys, and more. 

Eravikulam National Park

Couples who enjoy being in nature and near animals, as well as seeing India’s diverse and plentiful wildlife, can visit Eravikulam National Park in Munnar. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Munnar, a trip to this park can be both exciting and romantic when you experience the thrill together. This national park’s weather, breathtaking views, and trekking routes will boost your experience to another level. This place is undoubtedly one of the best honeymoon places in Munnar. 

Couples Friendly Activities In Eravikulam National Park: 

  • Look around for Nilgiri Tahr.
  • Take a walk through the national park’s twisting paths and trekking routes.
  • Enjoy the beauty of the foggy hills, the dark forests, the beautiful tea gardens, the crystal-clear waterfalls, and the unique butterfly species. 

Echo Point

Yell at the top of the echo point how much you love them. Isn’t that romantic? Echo Point is an unusual place for couples to come to Munnar and yell to their hearts’ content for the ultimate romantic experience. Not to add that this Munnar attraction is breathtakingly lovely and must be included in your Munnar. Whether a youthful honeymoon pair or an elderly romantic couple, this location entices all sorts of couples to spend precious time together while admiring the magnificent sceneries. You can spread out a bedsheet and enjoy the most romantic picnic ever. 

Couples Friendly Activities In Echo Point: 

  • Admire the appeal of Echo Point. 
  • If time allows, go to the nearby Top station.
  • Make a basket full of snacks and go for a picnic. 
  • Enjoy the boat ride with some picturesque views. 

Attukal Waterfalls

Munnar is a hill station that attracts honeymoon couples to its gorgeous waterfalls. Attukal Waterfalls is one of the greatest romantic honeymoon places in Munnar to spend time away from the crowds. This place is a welcome respite from busy tourist destinations. The sight of this magnificent waterfall will melt your tension away and bring you closer together. There are several intriguing and romantic activities to do near the waterfalls, making this a great site to visit in Munnar as a couple and create memories to treasure for a lifetime. 

Couples Friendly Activities In Attukal Waterfalls: 

  • Enjoy swimming together in the pool of the waterfall. 
  • Set up a date with your partner near the waterfall and enjoy the view together. 

Blossom Park

You may immerse yourself in nature at Blossom Park. This park is located 3 kilometres from Munnar town and near the ancient Munnar. This park will soothe your senses and transport you into a fantasy world with your better half. The surroundings are stunning and unique, with many fresh flowers. You may see a beautiful green environment, migrating waterbirds, mountain butterflies, and the Muthirappuzha river while walking hand in hand. Not only is it a visual pleasure, but it also brings you two closer together, relaxes you, and rejuvenates you. 

Couples Friendly Activities In Blossom Park: 

  • Enjoy a musical campfire with your partner. 
  • Experience long nature walks with your partner. 
  • Enjoy boating on the calm Muthirappuzha river. 
  • Experience the fragrance of fresh mountain flowers. 

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Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

A trip to Munnar is never complete without a visit to the tea gardens. After all, that is one of the best honeymoon places in Munnar. Because of its green expansive tea farm, Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is one of the most visited destinations in Munnar. It is one of the most romantic sites to visit as a couple in Munnar, with stunning views of the rolling tea gardens, forests, and mountains around it. Because it is the world’s tallest tea plantation, the weather is relaxing and ideal for discussing each other’s emotions for a better connection. 

Couples Friendly Activities In Kolukkumalai Tea Estate: 

  • Explore the tea factory. 
  • Feel the good vibes and views from here. 
  • Try the delicious organic handcrafted tea. 
  • Go on a romantic trek to the Meesapulimala. 

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