8 Flash Drive Hacks for Windows User [2021 Guide]

Flash drives are common things in 2021, almost every user uses them in some or another way. Flash drives are very useful in storing the crucial data of the user and in keeping a backup for the same.

This article contains some of the best flash drive hacks which you should try on your Windows OS computer. All these flash drive hacks help you in improving the performance of your computer and give you a better user experience.

List of Some Flash Drive Hacks for Windows Users

Here is a list of some very useful flash drive hacks for a Windows user. The hacks which are mentioned below in this article are very easy and simple to use.

When a user uses these hacks on its Windows device the overall performance of the device improves and the user is able to use the device in a better way.

1. Lock and Unlock your PC

The first flash drive hack that you can try is locking and unlocking your device with the help of a USB flash drive. This simple hack improves the security of your device to a great extent.

In order to lock and unlock your Windows PC through a USB flash drive, you need to make some changes in the Windows settings of your device. A number of tutorials are available over the internet for doing it.

2. Run an Additional Operating System

Most users are unaware that they can run a completely different operating system on their computer device with the help of a flash drive.

To access this flash drive hack you are required to have the operating system’s file in your flash drive. This hack is very useful as users are able to use more than one operating system on a single device.

3. Run Portable Applications

The next flash drive hack on our list is running a portable application on your Windows 10 PC, without even installing it. This hack saves a lot of space in the hard drive of your computer device.

For this hack, your device driver USB 3.0 windows 10 should be updated. One can use any free driver updater for this purpose. Bit Driver Updater is the best software that updates all the device drivers automatically.

4. Boost your Computer RAM

RAM is an essential part of every computer system and taking proper care of it becomes very important. In Windows PC the users are provided with the feature named ReadyBoost which uses a USB drive to boost the RAM of the device.

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For using the ReadyBoost feature on your Windows PC, you should have at least 512 MB free in the USB flash drive. This feature uses the USB cache memory instead of the memory in the hard drive of the PC.

5. Store your Favourite Games in it

Running out of space is a common problem that is faced by many while installing their favourite game on the computer system. As these video games require a lot of space in the system memory.

If you face the same problem, don’t worry a USB flash drive will help you out in solving this problem. You are just required to have the game file in the drive and after that, you can enjoy your favourite game easily.

6. Run a Program Automatically

An autorun program is not so common among the user. This flash drive saves a lot of time for the user. A USB drive is capable of running an autorun program as soon as you insert it in the USB port of your computer system.

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7. Save your Sensitive Information

Storing the data on a flash drive is an everyday task of many users. But one can also save sensitive information on it very easily.

A flash drive is suitable for keeping the sensitive information of a user with full security and safety. The information saved here can only be accessed by the owner and not by any other third party.

8. Set a Password for your Flash Drive

Last but not least, the flash drive hack on our list is setting up a password for your flash drive. This hack gives the user an extra security feature and saves the crucial information saved in it.

When a password is set on a flash drive after that whenever the user inserts the flash drive into a computer, the user is required to type the set password then only he/she can access it.


These were some of the best flash drive hacks for your Windows 10 PC. All the hacks mentioned in this article above are very effective and efficient in improving the performance of your computer device.

Hope these hacks will help you in some or another way if you have any queries regarding the hacks feel free to drop them down in the comments section. They will be answered as soon as possible.

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