Best Way To Do Search Engine Optimization in 2021

Keyword Research


Keyword research is something that should be considered while constructing your website – it is that important.


Work your way through the modules below:


 (Anything that is not linked through is currently still in production)


Module1: What Are Keywords? (An Overview)


If you get every other aspect of SEO right but fail to target the right keywords, you will still not see an increase in traffic. In this module, we will look at what keywords are and why they are so important.


Module 2: The Different Types Of Keywords


Some keywords are a lot more valuable than others, and knowing which ones to target you allows you to focus on the keywords that will give you the best return on investment.


Module 3: Keyword Research (The Process)



Keyword research can be easy if you know what to look for. In this module, I take you through a quick overview of my keyword research process so you can get a basic understanding before we start to go a little bit more in-depth.


Module 4: Keyword Research (The Tools Of The Trade)


Without tools, keyword research is guesswork. In this module, I take you through some fantastic free and paid tools that will make keyword research simple!


Module 5: Finding Keywords


Now that we know what keywords are, we will look at how you can find a good list of keywords to start researching.


Module 6: Analyzing Keyword Competition


After finding keywords that people are searching for related to our business, it is essential to know who your competitors are and how tough they are for each keyword.


Module 7: Selecting & Sorting Your Keywords


Now that we know how many people are searching for each keyword and what the competition is like, select the ones you want to target.


Content Creation

Both people and search engines read the content you create on your website and around the internet.

The content creation module is all about teaching you how to create and structure your content to make sure that traffic arrives and converts into sales.


Work your way through the modules below:


 (Anything that is not linked through is currently still in production)


Module1: Onsite & Offsite Content (What Why & How)


Your content is a lot more than just the words that make up your website. If you intend on your website ranking well in Google, then you will need to be creating content all over the internet (and linking back to your website – see Link Building module). Now don’t stress; there are ways to minimise the amount of writing you have to do personally – as I share my fantastic outsourcing resource that will save you a lot of time and effort.


Module2: Writing For Search Engines & People (At The Same Time!)


Search engines analyze your content and rank it according to the set of guidelines that they have. In this module, I show you what these guidelines are and how to focus your content on your target audience while keeping the search engines happy at the same time.


Module3: Writing Articles (And Why They Have A Two-Fold Bonus For SEO)


Writing articles for other sites allow you to rank for additional keywords and provides backlinks to your website – helping you with your ranking. But writing for articles is entirely different to writing website content. I’ll show you how to structure your article for improved conversion and click-through.


Module4: Outsourcing Articles (Get Other People Writing Your Articles)


SEO is an ongoing role, so writing articles becomes a weekly or monthly job. I have found that it is cheaper and more accessible for me to pay someone to write the articles; I need to do it myself. In this module, I share with you why it ‘just makes sense to outsource article writing and take you through a video of me actually finding a writer, the communication I use (that you can copy), and I also share the articles that I received and the price that I paid (you will be amazed!).


Module5: ‘Spinning’ Articles (Multiple The Power Of Each Article x 40)


The normal method of article marketing is to write an article once, submit that article to an article directory – then write another one and repeat the process. This involves writing if you want to make a serious attempt at ranking well for your chosen keywords. What ‘spinning’ articles does is allows you to submit the same article to multiple directories by re-writing your article. Sound complicated? It’s not really, and in this module, I show you how you can do it yourself and how you can outsource this process as well!


Affordable SEO Services in UK


Many small to medium-sized businesses in UK are looking for cheap SEO, but they are not finding it.

That is because they are looking for it in all the wrong places. If you head to google and search for ‘Affordable SEO Services UK‘, you will get a list of all the most prestigious (and most expensive SEO companies) in UK.

So get out of Google and close that Yellow Pages and turn your attention overseas!

Yes, that’s right, to find cheap SEO in UK, you have to look overseas.

Using an outsourcing service such as oDesk allows you to outsource link building and other SEO services at a much cheaper rate than you will ever find from a company in the UK because you are taking advantage of an economic strategy known as geoarbitrage.

Now I know that link building isn’t the only thing that is needed in a successful SEO campaign so, you will either need to outsource your keyword research or, more preferably, get yourself an SEO keyword generator such as Market Samurai and quickly do the research yourself -and it really is that easy!


So if you are looking for cheap SEO in UK, stop looking locally and start taking advantage of the global shift!


Popup Domination: A Must-Have WordPress Plugin


If you own a blog and are not building an email list -then you are losing money!

Blogs are great, but the biggest problem is that people forget to return or sign up via RSS reader – but forget to check. An email list allows you into your reader’s world and means that you can visit them, instead of waiting for them to visit you.

The only problem is that getting people to sign up for your email list is not the easiest thing to do, because signup forms get cluttered by content and advertisements.


Introducing Popup Domination.


Popup Domination is a brand new WordPress plugin that creates attractive lightbox popups that dramatically increase your list conversion. I have it running on a couple of my blogs and have seen great results so far!


You can read my Popup Domination review.


However, I recently tested the plugin on FranchiseBuzz – creating an entirely new list for the test, and I have already had five subscribers in two days(did I mention it only gets 80 visits a day?).

Now, if you can use Popup Domination to create a continually growing list, then all you need to do is create a profitable email course or product – so that you can start profiting straight away.

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