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Decorative style: Modern

The modern decorative style combines design objects with clean lines for an elegant and stylish decoration.

There are few accessories; functionality and simplicity prevail in this decoration.

What is the style of modern decoration?

The modern style is based on the principles of functionality, ergonomics and durability. With its clean and elegant side, the modern style can sometimes be considered a bit cooler.

Modern rooms are generally spacious and bright, with neutral colors such as white and gray dominating. We avoid adding too much furniture or accessories to maintain this aspect of space and size.

The main materials found in a modern decoration are stone, concrete and glass, but also wood and plastic. Metal is also very present in modern style, both stainless steel, aluminum or chrome. The floors can be both concrete and wood.


Characteristic of the Bauhaus school, geometric and rectangular shapes are very much present in modern furniture. These are unadorned, the fabrics are tight and often have steel tubes to form their structure.

Modern style furniture can be easily varnished in wood, glass, plastic or metal. Every piece of furniture, regardless of its composition, is characterized by its elegant and design side.

Modern furniture includes modular sofas, ergonomic chairs, floor lamps, coffee tables and glass vases.

For example, in a modern dining room we often find only the table (made of glass, wood or plastic) with chairs in contrast to their color or material.

Many modern style furniture has become design icons. These include the Wassily chair, designed by Marcel Breuer in the 1920s and made of tubular steel and leather.

In addition, the Le Corbusier armchair and Barcelona armchair were designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rhone and Lilly Reich in 1929.

Or the Noguchi coffee table, designed by designer Noguchi in the 1940s and featuring a glass top on a wooden base.

Other furniture has also left its mark, such as the Panton chair by Verner Panton, the Ball chair by Eero Aarnio, the Diamond chair by Harry Bertoia or the Tulip chair by Eero Saarinen.

In various modern-style furniture created and mass-produced in the 1950s and 1960s, there are similarities in design to Scandinavian furniture. In addition, some objects are designed by Scandinavian designers, such as the Oeuf chair by Arne Jacobsen.

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The modern style is based on fairly neutral colors such as the different shades of white, gray, beige and black. They are tones that serve as a base in terms of the color of the walls.

If we play with the variations in the same color, we give the pieces a monochromatic effect. That said, you can also combine colors to create contrasts, such as white with black or light red.

If you want to add warmth to modern-style decorations, it is a good idea to add pops in bright colors, such as bright red, lime green or turquoise.
The accessories
There are few decorative accessories in modern style. Instead, we focus on useful and decorative items. This absence of objects gives an impression of grandeur and purity to the rooms, but it can also create a somewhat cold atmosphere.

To make the space not seem too empty and to make the interior more inviting, we can add objects with a touch of color. A pair of colorful vases, candles, patterned cushions or a small rug are examples.

Works of art, paintings and sculptures are beautiful additions to a space with a modern twist and become the focal point.

Brightness and lighting are essential for any modern décor. That is why we find hangers, spotlights on rails, luminaires with original shapes and floor lamps.

Whenever possible, large windows with light curtains are preferred.

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The origin of modern style

The modern style has its origins in the early 20th century, when the German Bauhaus school assumed that form follows function and reverts to the primary forms of objects. It is the basis of classical modernism.

Then we will produce functional design objects without excess, timeless and durable unlike Victorian styles.

These are also the years of artistic movements like De Stilj, created in 1917 by Theo Van Doesburg in Amsterdam, where we return to the essence of form by using primary colors, black and white.

Among the artists of this movement we find the famous Mondrian. There is also the Deutscher Werkbund, which was founded in Munich at the start of the 20th century and follows the principles of functionality, quality and durability.

Variations in modern style.

Modern decorating style is often confused with modern and minimalist styles, as all three styles are characterized by clean lines, neutral colors and few accessories.

However, they have some important differences. For example, the minimalist style emphasizes the absolute minimum when it comes to furniture, and the storage spaces are hidden from view.

The Modern style, on the other hand, is very similar to Modernism and became popular in the 1970s. It borrowed elements from Modernism, Postmodernism, and Art Deco. Includes popular items, technology, and the latest furniture.

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