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Dos and Don’ts of Conversion-Driven Landing Page

A landing page is one of the most crucial factors of your e-commerce business website. Therefore, a poorly constructed landing page may reduce the valuable business conversion and your brand out of competition. Something that might look mind-blowing but won’t resonate with your users.

To overcome these mistakes, you must have a basic idea and follow do’s and don’ts to create effective landing pages that bring out the conversion.

“Do”: You must have a clear goal

Every page must have a clear objective. A copy on your landing page can tell you the true story and about your brands. A convincing and promising story has the true potential to transform your audience into customers. An amusing copy convinces the audience’s mind to take call-to-action(CTA). You can add valuable information with great images.

Creating a beautiful landing page is important to promote the consecutive action your audience would like to perform. You must integrate the “add to cart: facility in your eCommerce landing page. Ask your audience to subscribe to your email alerts. A professional landing page must have “goal” upfront.

If you create a landing page with a prominent CTA, it will help you achieve your objectives quickly.

Don’t: Use distractions

At the point when you direct the audience to your landing page, you need guests to do only one job. One principle normal for a decent greeting page is that it has only one objective with a solitary Call-To-Action (CTA). Different components on the page that may comprise an interruption ought to be brought down. Abstain from connecting out, menus, pop-ups, commercials, and each type of pointless expansion that will remove the reader’s consideration from the principal centre.

Don’t demand too much.

There are multiple types of landing pages. If your page needs information from the audience via web format, you should not ask for too much. If you ask to fill out more, people will drop out more; thus, the bounce rate gets higher and SEO score decreases. We would recommend you ask more basic questions that will help you interact with your audience and convince them to buy more products. Usually, first name and email id are the basic requirements. Once you are having on board, you may proceed and ask for detailed information like zip code, phone number, town, and phone number

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Don’t write long monotonous text or videos.

Go straight with your exact point. Talk pointwise. Do not overwrite, Directly convey your message. Do not consume audience time. Boring content and videos will pull your audience down.

Don’t have a slow loading time.

On the other hand, there is an issue that your landing page assumes control of more than one second to load. It would be best if you streamlined it to drop the heap speed to under a second. The additional time it takes, the more potential for success you have to lose expected leads

Don’t make fake advertisements & promises.

One of the very bad mistakes you should not ever make that entirely damages your business objective in your future is advertising fake promises. Beginner marketer who starts recently use wrong strategies to get more audience and subscribers through email address. However, when your subscribers identify you as a fake digital marketer, you can experience high unsubscription rates and worse customer reviews and feedback. These social prove to end up your online presence gradually.

Do: Focus on the main objective.

We have observed some arrival points with a few unique items being advanced without a moment’s delay. I, for one, think this is a significant interruption and a factor that diminishes changes. Each point of arrival should be centered around a solitary objective featured in the promoting efforts

Do: Apply a solid call to action.

A strong call to action

A call to action is a factor on the landing page that convinces the reader to take the essential actions. A “call-to-action” can become into highlighted text, image, or in a button design. This feature should be stand out from the other text of your website.

Do: Use social proof.

Social proof has strong marketing values. The social proof includes testimonials, product reviews, shares, likes, comments, and everything. Social proof exhibits how effective your brand is or talks about your product quality. We always appreciate adding screenshots or other social proof elements on your landing page that encourages your conversion rate. But you must be real and do not put fake reviews on your website.

Do: Optimize for mobile.

You must optimize your complete website according to the mobile UI/UX. Your website must be mobile-friendly. Please ensure your web page perfectly fits and is open on your mobile device.

WordPress website development is a very good option. Choose a WordPress platform to create your product-based website, integrate necessary add-ons to make it more efficient. Take professional help to design your website that encourages conversion via driving traffic.

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