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How CCTV Cameras Work: Operation, Device, And Features

The use of closed-circuit television cameras monitoring systems can protect personal safety, save time and costs, improve efficiency, achieve real-time command and dispatch, and process and save information. Closed-circuit television monitoring systems have been increasingly widely used in public security, finance (banks, postal savings, stock exchanges), industrial and mining, traffic management (expressways, national highways, urban transportation hubs), transportation (airports, docks, railways, highways) Passenger stations), hospitals. And also in commerce (shopping malls, supermarkets, jewelry stores, wholesale markets), schools, residential property management, military, hotels (hotels, restaurants, office buildings), important material warehouses and security and other fields have become modern One of the management signs.

How CCTV Cameras Work 

Unlike a conventional (wired) camera connected to a receiver through a cable, a wireless surveillance camera connected to a router or a box retransmits the images it films through an internet connection via wifi. The images can then be viewed remotely using an interface such as a television, computer, smartphones, and tablets. In stores, as in the street or within various companies, there are video surveillance systems. Individuals can also opt for such devices to protect their homes, for example. So how does a video surveillance system work? This guide will manifold the functions and purpose of surveillance cameras.

CCTV Camera
CCTV Camera

Wifi CCTV Cameras

The security cameras functioning wireless do not require installation for the intervention of a professional. That is not the case with wired camera systems that require the hand of a technician. A wireless camera does not require any specific work and fits into the decor discreetly and aesthetically. Therefore, you can install this wifi camera system anywhere and change very quickly.

1. Camera: 

In the system, the camera is at the forefront of the design. It converts the optical image of the set object into an electrical signal—a video signal, which provides a signal source for the system. Therefore, it is one of the essential equipment in the system.

2. Camera lens: 

The function of the optical camera lens is to focus the light image of the object under observation on the CCD sensor device. The image produced on the sensor device will be the inverted image of the object. Although you can achieve the above with a simple convex lens Purpose, the image quality is not high, and it cannot obtain a clear image at both the center and the edge. For this reason, Manufacturers often add several lens elements to form a compound lens to get a good picture.

3. PTZ: 

you can use it in conjunction with the camera to achieve the purpose of turning up and down, left and right. The security range of a camera is expanded, and at the same time, it can track the target within a specific field and take pictures, which improves the practical value of the camera. Due to different usage environments, there are many types of PTZ.

4. Protective cover (dust cover): 

The function of the dust cover is to protect the camera and lens from environmental conditions such as harmful gases, large dust and intentional damage. (The decoder is used to complete the bus control of the camera lens and all aspects of the pan/tilt. The bracket is used as a support when the camera is installed. And the camera is connected to the auxiliary device of the installation site)

5. Monitor: 

The monitor is The terminal display equipment of the TV monitoring system. It will eventually reflect the status of the entire system on the monitored screen. Therefore, the quality of the monitor directly affects the final effect of the whole system.

6. Signal transmission: 

When the monitoring site is close to the control center, it use the video image, and transmits the control signal  directly. When the distance is long, it uses a radiofrequency, microwave, or optical fibre transmission. Commonly used equipment includes coaxial cable, twisted pair, and optical fibre. The transmittable distance increases from near to far.

7. Control center control equipment and monitoring equipment: 

(1) Video signal distribution amplifier; (2) Matrix (video signal switcher); (3) Terminal controller (operating keyboard); (4) Alarm expansion printer (5) Character generator, elevator floor superimposed display; (6) Terminal decoder; (7) Terminal controller; (8) Multi-screen splitter; (9) Video motion detector; (10) Isolated ground loop transformer; ( 11) Pricing and control cabinets, etc.

How to choose the suitable video surveillance device?

First and foremost, it is essential to study your real needs and your budget. Next, consider the quality of the image you want to benefit from it. The higher the resolution, the higher the quality of the resolution. So, if you’re going to identify the people filmed quickly, it is better to go for high resolution. On the other hand, if you are utilizing cameras for the sole purpose of deterring burglars, a low resolution will suffice.


After having a look on these types of article related with surveillance system have already provided us with a lot of knowledge about surveillance and CCTV cameras. In our daily life, surveillance cameras have brought revolutionary change. For example, if a survey requires investigation due to theft or burglary, such shots are not removed unless the organization owner has a formal will. Sometimes the data obtained from the equipment serves as material evidence against thieves denying the crime.


I'm working as a technician at Germany computer and telecom, a company that imports and sells CCTV Camera, Access Control System, and other security equipment. I like to gather knowledge about new technology and also inform others.

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