How to change an American fridge filter?

It has integrated many kitchens in France, the American fridge is the ideal refrigerator to have fresh water and ice cubes available. However, this type of device requires regular maintenance, especially at the level of the water filter. Here’s how to change your American fridge filter according to your brand

What is the American fridge filter for

The American fridge has the particularity of offering the distribution of freshwater, ice cubes or crushed ice on its facade. In order to be able to fully enjoy the pleasant taste of the water dispenser, each American refrigerator is fitted with a filter.

This filter thus makes it possible to drink water without an unpleasant taste or bad odour, but it also serves to minimize health risks. The American fridge filters Ozonator, bacteria, chlorine and chemical residues that could alter the quality of the water. 

The American fridge water filter is therefore essential for the proper functioning of the household appliance. It is recommended to change it regularly to optimize the life of the refrigerator.

How to change your American fridge filter according to the brand

Changing a Samsung fridge filter

Most American Samsung fridges indicate that it is time to change the filter when an orange or red light comes on near the water dispenser.

  1. Shut off the water supply.
  2. Press the “Ice Type / Change Filter” button on the dispenser panel for 3 seconds to reset the filter.
  3. Open the panel where the filter is located and turn the filter counterclockwise. Remove the filter from the housing
  4. Insert your new filter in its place and turn clockwise until it clicks into place.
  5. When the filter is replaced, reset the filter replacement cycle. Press the alarm button again for 3 seconds. When this is done, the light turns green.

Changing an LG fridge filter

US LG refrigerators also have a “Replace Filter” indicator or message on the display panel that lights or flashes when it is time to change the filter.

  1. Cut off the water supply
  2. Remove the tray from the door that houses the filter, then remove the filter, providing a container to receive the remaining water. To prevent the water remaining in the filter from escaping, keep it vertical.
  3. Insert the new water filter and turn it clockwise. You must ensure that the arrow on the new filter is aligned with that on the filter head.
  4. Replace the door pan
  5. Hold the Walter Filter button for 3 seconds to reset the filter
  6. Then run about 9 litres of water in several 30-second cycles to get rid of the water and potential contaminants from the system.

Changing a Beko fridge filter

Your Beko brand American refrigerator lets you know when it’s time to change your filter with an alert icon on the control panel.

  1. Cut off the water supply
  2. Remove the filter from its location
  3. Remove the safety rings located at the joint of the filter and the pipe
  4. Press the blue gasket around the water inlet hose to hold it in place as you pull to remove the hose from the filter
  5. Connect the new filter to the hose and check that the hose is seated properly. The hose should be inserted about 18mm into the filter
  6. Replace the safety rings under the blue gaskets around the pipe to secure everything.
  7. Put the filter back in its place and run about 10 glasses of water to wash the filter.

The different American fridge filters

Depending on the make and model of your American fridge, the type of filter may be different. Since there are a large number of different models for an American fridge filter, it is recommended to choose:

  • Or an American fridge filter specific to the brand of the appliance
  • Or a universal American fridge filter, adaptable to all brands

The location of the filter may also be different depending on the brands and models of refrigerators. They can be located:

  • Inside the fridge, at the bottom of the appliance at the top
  • Inside under the freezer
  • Outside next to the water circuit

The fixing of an American fridge filter is done with clips or a clamping system.

When to change the filter?

It is recommended to change your filter every 6 months, but some brands work to optimize the life of their filter up to 12 months. When in doubt, always read the manufacturer’s recommendations for use.

In these recommendations, you will also find other important information such as the reference of the filter, where it is located in the device, instructions for storing a new filter and the certifications of the standards met by the filter.

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