How To Fix Audio Renderer Error On YouTube

Here we have shared about Fix Audio Renderer Error On YouTube

It is frustrating when you are trying to watch any video, maybe of your favorite artist, any tutorials on how to bake a cake, or practicing any dance form. Suddenly you see an error message on your screen saying Audio Render error. There is nothing to worry about, this error is faced by many users and you can solve it by yourself. The major reason you might be facing this error is because of outdated or broken audio drivers. This can be easily solved by using Driver updater software. It will not only fix Audio Renderer Error but also boost the performance of your PC.

Below listed tweaks will help you to fix Audio Renderer Error On YouTube, try it step-wise, and see what works for you the best.

Restart your computer-

Restarting your computer is the easiest way to fix many minor errors on your own in no time. When you see an error message displayed on the screen while trying to play any video on Youtube, it must be mentioned to restart your computer. So restart your device and check if your error is fixed or not. If not, follow the other step.

Update Audio Driver-

As drivers play a very important role in the smooth functioning of the system. It allows communication between the operating system and other devices. It needs to be updated timely. Otherwise, it gets bugs, glitches, or gets outdated resulting in errors. There are two ways you can update your Drivers, Manually and automatically. Let us discuss steps to update them manually:

  • Open device manager in Setting and look for Sound, Video, and game controllers
  • Right-click on it and choose update driver
  • On another window that opens click on ‘search automatically of updated drivers’
  • After Clicking it will be run a scan and update your drivers
  • Restart your computer after it’s done

This will probably solve errors you are facing, but if you are unable to do so let’s try automatically updating drivers. All you need to do is download and install one of the best driver updater software ‘Bit Driver Updater’. It will automatically scan and update old drivers for you.

Here are some Following Features of the application:
Quick and complete system scan – This software completely scans your Windows system and then detects corrupted and outdated drivers, reinstall and updates them.
Saves time and efficiency – with just one click updates broken, missing, or outdated drivers provides easy access to all the updated drivers. So save your effort for searching for them.
Backs up before update – before scanning it backs up all your data so that you can restore it later as peruse. Don’t worry about any data being lost in the process.

When you are done updating drivers either manually or automatically whatever works best for you, don’t forget to restart your PC.

Replug external Device-

Try reconnecting external devices you must be using like headsets or earplugs for audio while trying to play a video on youtube. It is possible there are loose connections so plug out the device and replug it in. This must resolve your issue.

Run Audio Troubleshooter-

Windows 10 provides this in-built feature of running troubleshooter for different minor problems to fix them. Here are steps you need to follow to use this feature:

  • Open settings and click on Troubleshoot
  • Click on the playing Audio and then choose Run the Troubleshooter
  • Whatever device you are using when an audio error displayed, click on it
  • If you see repair strategy on the screen click on Yes to begin the process and follow further on-screen instructions
  • Restart the computer after completing the task and check if the error is fixed

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Rollback Driver-

If you had updated the driver recently there are chances it’s not compatible with your system setup and causing bugs. Rolling back the driver is the solution to this. To do that you have to perform a few tasks in the settings and it will be done quickly.

  • Head to the Windows Start button from there search and select Device Manager
  • After the Device manager opens select any driver from the list and right-clicks on it
  • Select properties and click on the Driver tab from the top
  • Click on roll back driver option
  • From the list select, the reason for your action of rolling back your driver and then Yes


These techniques will definitely fix the error occurring and give you no interruptions while watching videos on youtube. Just make sure you are keeping drivers up-to-date and Read our blog.

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