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How to Fix the Sage Error 43?

Sage 50 Error 43

Sage 50 has almost taken the world of business by storm recently. More and more people and businesses are availing the amazing tools and features of this accounting software effectively enough. Sage Error 43  However, no program or software can be 100% free of error or bugs and Sage 50 Accounts is no exception either. One of the most common issues the Sage users face is the Sage Error 43. Have you also faced this issue of late? We can very well understand how frustrating it can be, especially, if you are in the middle of something really important.

You don’t need to bother anymore! Yes, we will tell you some easy methods to resolve the Sage Error 43. Just go through this blog till the end and implement the steps mentioned herein.

First things first! Let’s get to know what this error is all about.

What is the Sage Error 43?

The Sage Error 43 comes up on your screen with an error message “Fatal File System Error 43. Users often face this error when they try to open any Remote Data Access company. The error can come up as File System Error 43 in JRNLHDR.DAT while opening any Remote Data Access. The Error can also come up as a File System Error 8 or 10 or I/O error file.

How to fix the Sage Error 43?

Here are some simple methods to solve the Sage Error 43-

Method 1: Re-Download

● On your computer browse the data path.
● Right click on the company directory and then click the option button.
● Again double click on the desktop and select paste.
● Now on Sage 50 US edition go to file, sage Drive, download a sage drive company.
● No sign in with the sage account email and enter the captcha.
● Select the company and follow the instructions to re-download the company.
● Re-check if the company opens with or without an error
● If the error still persists then you can try the next method.

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Method 2: Rebase from the Machine

● From the help menu select support utilities, rebase remote data access company.
● Click close once the uploading of the remove that access message is done successfully.
● Once done then close the company.
● Re-check if the company is open with or without the error on the different computer as well.

Method 3: Restart Actian or Pervasive

● Press windows + R key.
● Type Services.MSC and click OK.
● For Quantum users, right click on Sage 50 SmartPosting 20** and select Stop.
● Right click on Actian PSQL WorkgroupEngine and then select Stop.
● click on the Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine and then select Start.
● Again, right click on the Actian PSQL Workgroup Engine and select Start.

For Sage 50 2019 or older users, you can right click on the Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine and select Stop.
Now right click on the Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine and then click start.

Method 4: Unshare and Reshare the Company

Before starting this make sure the compiler does noy have any recent data.

● Go to the computer where you last accessed the company.

If you are not able to find the last accessed even then you don’t need to worry. The backup must be there of the recent data. Just login to the management center, delete the company copy and reshare the backup from your computer.

● Now create a backup of the company.
● Then click on File, Sage drive, stop sharing and select “yes”.
● Again click on file, Sage drive and select “share company” to reshare the company.
● Login and then click “share company”.
● Click on next and then finish.
● Again go to File menu, Sage drive, manage user access and set up users for Sage Drive again.

Method 5: Create an Automatic Backup

● Make a note of the problem company.
● Go to file and select open company and make a note of the directory.
● On your desktop, double click the automatic backup.
● Click on browse that is next to the company directory and select the company directory.
● Press on browse next to “save backup to” and choose the destination as the desktop.
● Enter your Sage username and password and click “verify user details”.
● Click on save and enter the filename and click save again.
● Now click on “run backup”.
● Remove the problem company out of the data path and follow step 1 to 3 of method 1 to locate the company folder.
● Now just restore the backup as a new company.
● Delete the problem company from Sage Drive Management Center.
● Now share the company to Sage Drive.
● You can also add other users back to the company.
● You need to download the company again, you can simply follow steps 1-3 from Method 1 on the other computer before downloading.

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Final Words!

We hope the troubleshooting steps mentioned above have helped you a great deal to fix the Sage Error 43 on your Computer. You just need to provide a couple of minutes of your schedule and go through the procedure. If you are still not able to get rid of this issue, or, if you experience any difficulties in carrying out the above-mentioned steps, we would recommend you to speak to our experts. We have an extremely skilled team and we will be able to provide all the support and services, whenever you need them!

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