How To Plan a 60th Birthday Party?

Your loved one is finally turning 60. Are you looking for some amazing ideas that will make this day memorable for them? Then you are in the right place. We will discuss some of the best 60th birthday party ideas that are sure to bring a smile to the face of your loved one. 

Incredible Ideas for 60th Birthday Party

You can never go wrong with a themed party. Here are some themes that your guests will definitely enjoy.

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1. Black and White party

Adding a theme to the party will give it a special touch and feel. Adding a black and white theme will take them back to their old times. It is an elegant party theme and you can easily get a decent dress code. 

To make it even more interesting, you can create an album or a collection of photos from their childhood. Do not forget to play their favorite old songs that are sure to send them back in time.

2. Casino Night 

Another great idea to celebrate the glorious 60 years of life is to hold a casino night. You can enhance your party with some interesting games. However, try not to go for complicated games. You can have fun with casino classics like roulette, poker, or blackjack.

The best part about these games is that they are easy to play yet fascinating. Moreover, these games are pretty affordable and you do not need any particular equipment. Also, do not forget to add a red carpet at the entrance as any casino night is incomplete without a red carpet. 

3. Decade party

Decade parties are a perfect way to relish special moments like birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special date. Allow your guests and relatives to relieve an era from the past by dressing up for the period.

Put on the flared jeans and flower tops for a 70s theme party or choose a metallic attire for a 90s party.

4. Diamond jubilee 

Give your loved one a royal feel by holding a diamond Jubilee for the 60th birthday. Just like Queen Victoria celebrated her 60 years of life through a diamond jubilee.

A royal party along with glamourous decorations and a royal theme is sure to give you and your loved one a fabulous time.  

Decoration Ideas for 60th Birthday Party

Once you have decided on the theme, now it’s time for some gorgeous decorations. This can depend on several factors. First, examine the space in the room. Whether you want to host the party at your home or go for a rented space. Check out the number of guests that will be coming, where they will eat, and have fun together.

Give your space an incredible look according to the theme you have chosen.

For example, a casino night theme can have dim and moody lighting along with casino classics like poker. A diamond jubilee theme will have all royal decorations, a red carpet, and a glorious seating arrangement for your loved one.

For a white and black party theme, go for simple black and white decorations. Moreover, any party is incomplete without balloons, glittery adornments, pom poms, props according to the theme, and photo booths. 

Some Activities for 60th Birthday Celebrations

To make your party more fun and interesting, plan out some terrific party activities. These can include a special dance performance for your loved one on their favorite songs. For casino night, playing card games and poker are great options. 

Another great idea can be to prepare some questions or fun facts about your guest of honor. Whoever gets most of the answers right will be the winner and get a special gift. 

Some special add on to your party:

You can prepare a slideshow for your guest of honor, comprising photos and videos from their childhood till the present date. Or you can also ask your friends and relatives to present some special words for your guest of honor and their memories together. 

Relinquish in some delicious treats

Last but not least, do not forget to prepare a good menu. Decide whether you want to serve some snacks or a full meal. You can either prepare food yourself or order it from your favorite restaurant. Try to include the favorite dishes of your guest of honor. 

Since it is a birthday party, a birthday cake is a must. You can have a beautiful cake according to your guest of honor and party theme. Try to think of something out of the box. You can also discuss it with your relatives or friends to get more ideas. 

Wrapping it up

Completing 60 years of life is a memorable occasion. Give your loved one a surprise party on their special day. We have presented to you some of the best yet affordable party ideas that are sure to bring a smile to the face of your loved one.

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