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iPhone, black screen! How to solve the problem ?!

No! Is my iPhone screen completely black?

This is an error that can occur at any time on your iPhone (or another smartphone for that matter), often after a fall / crash, contact with liquid or just for no reason overnight. #Nothing luck

Do not panic! We will explain how to respond to this problem and we will see that in the end nothing is lost in advance. Before that you need to order your screen from Maya Parts, Maya parts deals with each and every top tier replacement parts for every iPhone, apple watch series 3 42mm, apple watch series 4 40mm, Samsung replacement parts, you name it and they have it. Visit them to know more about it.

Black screen on iPhone, software problem?

Your iPhone shows a black screen, no more screen. And that’s the tragedy! It is impossible to check your messages, make calls, and yet the iPhone shows signs of life by vibrating or by producing heat (signal that it is on). Maybe the problem is the software, so before you panic, try forcing your iPhone to restart first:

On the iPhone 6S and its little siblings, press the power button and the home button simultaneously for 10 seconds. If the Apple logo appears, everything is fixed (yes, now)! It is definitely a program that made the screen go down.
On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, perform the same action by pressing the power button and volume down button.

If the manipulation did not work, in this case let’s try the recovery via iTunes or in DFU mode. Your computer does not recognize your device, try other cables or even other USB ports on your computer. If there is still no answer, the problem is probably with the iPhone charging socket. # No luck. But rest assured, this concern can also be addressed by reading our article on the subject.

If the screen still does not work after restoring your iPhone, do not give up yet. The problem is undoubtedly material and good news, we can still overcome it!

iPhone black screen – hardware problem?

If the problem is not the software, it must be hardware. In this case, the problem is probably on the screen. At various points, we will see how to diagnose the error by checking the iPhone screen by disassembling the iPhone. “Disassemble the unit ?!” No panic! Thanks to Maya Parts, your smartphone repair is within everyone’s reach, you just have to be a little patient and a little thorough.

In a well-lit room, open the iPhone on a work surface (desk, desk, etc.), preferably neatly.

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Make sure the monitor connection cables are properly connected to the system board. In fact, one of the connecting cables may disconnect after a bump or fall and cause a problem on the screen. Putting it back in carefully can solve the problem.

If all goes well with the connections, but the screen is still black, carefully remove the screen by disconnecting the cables carefully (please follow our tutorials). Then check them one by one (with a magnifying glass is even better) to check that they are not damaged. This is a microelectronic component, so even a micro-tear can be enough to make the screen malfunction.

If so, replace it with a new iPhone screen by following our repair instructions.

On the other hand, if the cables do not have a specific problem and even a new monitor still does not work, the problem may come from the connectors on the motherboard. “The motherboard ??! Do not panic yet! We can always do something.
In this case, check each connector on the motherboard (always with a magnifying glass preferably). Because if the iPhone has been in contact with liquid, the connectors may rust (white streaks). In this case, it will be necessary to charge the motherboard.

After this manipulation, if the screen still shows yours, the last possibility would unfortunately be that one or more connectors on the motherboard are damaged. It is noticed when one or more gold pins are bent or even missing.

In this case, the last thing is to cry. No, let’s stay calm. You must be proficient in micro-welding or contact a micro-welding specialist. In fact, at this level, the problem is much more complex, but it is quite rare, do not worry.

To prevent this from happening as much as possible, carefully disconnect the connecting cables by replacing a monitor with a new one, carefully following the steps in our tutorials. This is because improper handling or the use of the wrong tool can increase the risk of damaging the connectors on the motherboard and lead to an irreparable display problem.

Now you know how to fix iPhone black screen issue! Do not hesitate to share the advice with those around you if it can help you.

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