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Reasons Proving Toronto as the Best City in Canada

Toronto - Best City In Canada

You won’t believe it, but there are an endless number of reasons proving Toronto as one of the finest cities in Canada. If you are thinking of starting searching for my flight to Toronto, you are probably doing it right. It’s because, while being here, you are surely going to grab the best experiences worthy of being remembered for a lifetime. Over time, you will know more about this city since it takes some time to reveal its charm. But, the moment you get used to being here, you would never want to go back! 

Some cities would take your heart away the moment you reach there, and Toronto is amongst them. Its friendly locales, an array of tourist attractions, incomparable charm, and the sparking nightlife would take your breath away. You can grow in this city, and the more time you spend in this city, the better you would get introduced to this place. There are a lot of reasons responsible for such a great footfall of tourists in Toronto. If you want to know why should you start your hunt for cheap flights to Toronto, have a look at some of the factors below:


Toronto Different Cultures and Various Cuisines :

Toronto is known as a city that has got a huge population belonging to immigrants. This is the reason behind the speciality of Toronto’s food. There are many restaurants here, and you can keep on trying them one by one daily when you are in Toronto. Each one of these eateries would be specialized in the preparation of a specific regional cuisine. Some of them might offer Italian food, Chinese, Japanese or continental dishes. 

Covering The Distance on Foot :

While being in Toronto, you can start walking through the city easily on foot. If you are alone, you can just listen to a podcast and start moving while exploring every bit of beauty lying around. Toronto is undoubtedly a foot-friendly city, whether you want to check out a restaurant or a tourist attraction. The various regions/places are located in proximity to one another. Thus, navigating here is hassle-free.

Meeting New People Every Day :

If you are a social being, you will surely fall in love with every bit of Toronto. It is because the locals are pretty friendly here and you are going to meet new people every day. There are so many places to visit in Toronto, and you can visit them whenever you feel like it. These places might have many like-minded travellers like you, and you can easily start off a conversation with them and make them your forever friend. 

Array Of Universities :

Students not only from Canada but all across the world study wholeheartedly, intending to secure a place in the top universities in Toronto. If we talk about the topmost university of Toronto, it is none other than the University of Toronto. All educational institutions prevalent here hail with every sort of study niche. Thus students with any interest can apply to these universities. Some of the most prominent educational institutions in Toronto are the George Brown College, Ontario College of Art and Design, Ryerson University, York University etc. 

Shopping :

According to the Canadians, Toronto has got the finest and most amazing shopping centres. Notably, the Toronto Eaton Center is known as North America’s busiest mall. While you are in Toronto, you just have to think of the brand you shop for, and you’re going to spot it in the markets only. If you want to shop from some smaller yet high-end boutiques, you can rely on Yorkville that is famous for the same. The quaint streets of this city are even preferable for window shopping. 

Kensington Market :

You are going to spot the majority of the Bohemian Torontonians at Kensington Market. It is because this market is accompanied by a beguiling vibe consisting of vegetarian cafes, intriguing bars and vintage shops. Also, there are many speciality foods and grocers that serve hungry visitors. People hanging out in the nearby Bellevue Square Park are commonly spotted here. While being at this market, you cannot just miss out on the Yvonne Bambrick’s Garden Car given a new look every summertime. The car is filled with plants and soil, and it attracts the attention of a plethora of visitors towards its uniqueness. 

Toronto International Film Festival :

You might have heard a lot about the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). This festival is held every year where the actors, directors, audiences and other TV celebrities are acclaimed, intending to celebrate world cinema. If you want to witness the screening of a new movie or have a look at the red carpet appearances of the celebrities, you need to grab the tickets as soon as possible. Here, you are surely going to witness the most amazing film culture. 


We can entail that Toronto always has something for every kind of traveler. There are plenty of reasons proving it as the best city in Canada, and some of them are already mentioned above. There are a myriad of unique experiences that you can be a part of while being here. Toronto is an ambitious city that has got the most fun-loving and thrill-seeking citizens. You would surely get awestruck the moment you witness the foodies and fashion-lovers in the town. 

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