Reasons to buy Amber Gemstone

Amber is one of those gemstones that are popular for their healing properties. Generally found in honey color, Amber is a fossilized resin. Tree resin hardens and polymerizes, which takes a few thousand years. It is transparent to translucent in appearance and is found in orange, light yellow, golden brown, dark brown, yellow-green, and dark red. Amber can have inclusions of insects or dead plants trapped inside its body. It can also have animals and plant fossils.

Amber is loved for its hue and unique process of formation. Besides this, Amber is also famous for its metaphysical properties. It is considered a protection stone and a powerful healing tool. It is said to help with sadness, melancholia, depression. The gemstone is also known for having mystical properties.

Healing Properties of Amber: The healing benefits of Amber make it a desirable gemstone. 

Motional Healing by an Amber:

Amber is used for calming the mind and bringing a balance to emotions. It will also help alleviate the depressive energies and give you the much-needed stability. It is said to protect its wearer from panic attacks. It will also act as a supporter at times of grief and loss.

Physical Healing

An amber will absorb all the negative energies from the body, and so it is popularly called a natural purifier. It is also helpful in heart problems, arthritis, and headaches. In addition, it heals the spleen, liver, and gall bladder.

Metaphysical Properties 

Amber will provide you the required motivation to achieve your goals. It will help you express creativity and bring lots of positivity into your life. Moreover, it will always soothe and relax you.

Amber for Love Relationships

Amber is beneficial to get a better understanding of love relationships. It will help the wearer develop patience and see things from their partner’s point of view. You can meditate with Amber and keep your relationship away from negative interferences. 

Amber and Wealth

An amber will motivate you to use your talents to the fullest and be a bringer of good luck and success. In addition, the gemstone will alleviate your fears and make you feel determined to try new opportunities.

Where does Amber Come from? 

Amber can be found worldwide, while the Dominican Republic, Europe’s Baltic region, and Myanmar have more extensive deposits of this unique crystal.

Quality Factors of Amber

Color: One of the many special qualities of Amber is its color. The color of the gemstone ranges from yellow to reddish-brown. Jewelers prefer the deep-hued Amber more than the ones in pale yellow color.

Clarity: Transparent Amber is more valued than the one with a translucent appearance. However, inclusions are of much importance.

Carat weight: Amber is relatively light in weight. It floats over salt water, and hence its jewelry is easy to carry. One can wear a big amber necklace very comfortably. 

Cut: Amber is easy to cut. It is rarely faceted, and its oval and round shapes are in great demand. It is also found in star, hexagon, pentagon, and trillion shapes. 

Amber as a Birthstone:

Amber is a birthstone for Cancer and Taurus zodiac signs. It is also a tenth-anniversary stone and symbolizes lasting bonds of everlasting love.

amber gemstone

Legends Related to Amber:

Legends say that Phaeton, the son of Sun-God Helios, wanted to drive the Sun chariot and took permission from his father for the same. But he was not able to control it well, due to which the deserts of Africa were burnt, and Earth turned cold. As a result, he lost his life, and his sisters turned into Poplar trees. The trees were said to weep golden tears of Amber. 

Ancient writers believed Amber to be solidified sun rays that were captured as they struck the Earth. 

Amber’s use in Historical era

  • Amber was used in medicines in ancient times. 

  • Amber has been used for a long time in jewelry and decorative objects.

  • Hippocrates, who was the father of medicine, described how Amber could be used for its medicinal properties. His explanations were followed even in the Middle Ages.

  • Amber was mixed with rose oil and honey to cure eye and ear infections.

  • Some believed Amber to be a cure for tonsils.

How to Use Amber

  • If you are willing to work on your anxiety issues, you should wear Amber in the form of a necklace. You can also go for amber pendants. If you quickly get headaches or sinusitis, wear amber jewelry for shorter periods because the gemstone has high energies and vibrations. 

  • Amber can also be used as a manifestation stone. You can charge it with your intentions.

  • The crystal is known for alleviating negative energies, and so it can be placed in the home and at workstations.

  • Amber can also be used as incense to derive its benefits.

Amber Care

  • If you wish to cherish the beauty of Amber, clean it frequently. Dip the crystal in warm water and mild soap solution and dry it with a flannel cloth. Keep the gem away from harsh cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners. 

  • To polish Amber, use olive oil and a soft cloth to wipe it. 

  • If you keep away Amber for some time, make sure it is cleaned and polished before storing it in a jewelry box.

Where to buy Authentic Amber Jewelry?

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