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Seven Learning Disabilities and Their Symptoms

seven learning disabilities and their symptoms

Many students fail to do well in school but not because they’re not capable or have the potential. It’s because they go about their life undiagnosed and wrongly padded. The below mentioned seven learning disabilities and their symptoms will resolve your issues. 

Do you find it hard to read? Do you find it hard to focus on one thing at a time? Is it challenging for you to understand multiple instructions at the same time? Do you find mathematics to be an unbelievably complex course? Many students fall for the service of assignment writer but everyone has his own approach! 

Much work has been done on developmental and learning disorders. Theories and applications from healthcare and clinical settings – that can be applied in the educational setting. 

But are these learnings being encouraged and implemented in these settings? There are several social behaviors and cognitive structures that help students perform well in school. To not just score satisfying grades but also participate in class discussions and make friends. 

A teacher plays a crucial role in identifying the problems that students are actually facing – not just on the surface level; they must dig deep and figure out for themselves. They should have the tools to converse with the struggling students and help them find a way around it. 

Seven Learning Disabilities and Their Symptoms

Some of the common disabilities that students are most impacted by are mentioned below!


There are several learning disabilities but they can all be categorized and distinguished into three specific types – dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. 

When it comes down to dyslexia, it is identified as a language processing disorder that hinders reading, writing and comprehensive skills. In dyslexia, the person finds it rather challenging to decode words. In addition to this, people also don’t have phonemic awareness and they lack the ability to identify sounds within words. 

This is one of those disabilities that can go on forever, undiagnosed, worsening your experience and contributing to poor life quality. They are often targeted by class teachers and instigated by fellow classmates; bullied because they don’t fit in or work the same way as others. The most obvious traits of this disability are poor reading, comprehension and other language skills. 


Do you find it especially hard to convert thoughts into words? Do you think that you have poor handwriting? Well – that isn’t the only symptom that would elevate your chances of getting diagnosed with dysgraphia. It also includes difficulty in spelling, grammar and vocabulary related problems. Furthermore, the person could have troubled critical skills and memory issues. 

One of the most obvious symptoms that could instantly indicate dysgraphia is poor motor planning and spatial awareness. This may not seem like an actual learning disability but it can contribute to poor performance in school. 


Dyscalculia has all the problems related to mathematical understanding – individuals could have trouble grasping mathematical concepts and reasoning. They could find it hard to tackle numbers and equations. In fact, the problem could be so severe that they could find it hard to count money, identify patterns or even remember facts related to mathematics. Thus, if you are someone who gets intimidated by mental math and anything remotely related, you must get checked with the doctors. 

Auditory Processing Disorder

There are many people who find it rather challenging to process difficult sounds. Individuals with APD often find themselves confused with different sounds as they can never distinguish one sound from another – like, the problem could be so bad that they would not be able to recognize and distinguish between the voice of the teacher and that of the background noise. Due to this problem, they could misinterpret information and process it in a unique manner.


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Language Processing Disorder

When a person struggles with both receptive and expressive language, they could actually be dealing with a language processing disorder. What this means is that they could find it especially challenging to attach meaning to the sounds and then form words and sentence structures using those words to make stories. If you’re a student and you have been diagnosed with this disability, it’s possible that you seek “write my assignment” facilities offered online. These were the seven learning disabilities and their symptoms.

Of course, no matter which problem you struggle with, it is of absolute necessity to never weigh your worth depending on your diagnosis. You are much more than a label! 


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