Simple Shopify Tips to SkyRocket your E-Commerce Business Sales

Tips to SkyRocket your E-Commerce Business Sales

Launching a new e-commerce business on Shopify may be challenging at times. Even if you have a quality product, your sales may fall off. If that’s the situation, you need to take a look at your organic traffic. Low website traffic or unappealing website design may very well be the reasons for your eCommerce store’s flat sales.

When it comes to Shopify Website Development, every business owner has the same goal – to get more organic traffic to sell more. However, for getting more organic traffic on your website, you need to develop an enticing website. The best thing is to find out the easiest and the quickest ways to get your products noticed by most people. Therefore, here we have collected six best practices to boost your eCommerce website traffic.

6 Effective Tips to Foster your Shopify Store 

The fundamental trick to bringing your potential customers to your Shopify store is by presenting your website. Therefore, here are the six ways to boost your Shopify store and get more sales.

1. Optimize Your Shopify Store

Before your potential customers know that your brand exists, they are more likely to research the search engines. Google Adwords is one option to reach your targeted audiences. However, if you are not up for paid campaigns, you can move to search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to get most of the potential traffic to your Shopify store.

Keywords are the primary terms people search. Hence, you need to add the relevant keywords to your website to make it SEO optimized. Using the keywords strategically in your website’s main areas (meta titles, product descriptions, etc.) increases the chances of your website being observed by the audiences.

2.Make your Store Mobile Friendly

It was only a few years back that most of the website traffic came from the desktops. Nevertheless, the scenario has changed now. It has been observed that 60% of the website traffic comes from mobile devices. Hence, it is essential to get your Shopify stores on mobile. If your store is not optimized for mobile, you are most likely to have plenty of sales. 

Unless you want to miss out on most of your targeted audience, make sure you use the best Shopify app development services. Make sure to use the best Shopify themes that are responsive and appealing to your customers. 


Your Shopify store’s analytics is a unique tool that provides you with the necessary information about your customers. Furthermore, it helps you transform the analytical data into a means to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. The strategy is to know which metrics to focus on, but it is also essential to focus on the most acute stages of the customers’ journey.

There are three crucial stages of the customers’ journey, which include traffic, conversion, retention. By focusing on these three stages, Shopify stores or the eCommerce stores can improve the quality-driven traffic and monitor the number of people visiting their online store. It also helps you to convert your visitors into potential customers. 

4.Social Media Automation

Social Media Automation helps e-commerce businesses to work more in less time. These tools help the organization to grow itself on social media to increase sales. One of the best channels to increase your social media presence is Instagram. Instagram can help you to grow your business and attract more potential customers.

How can businesses use these automation tools? Social Media Automation tools can help Shopify stores to automate engagement with customers, send or automate direct messages, drive new traffic, measure follower’s growth, and much more. Isn’t it amazing how social media automation can be so helpful?

5.Engage Customers with Content Marketing 

According to Forbes, nearly two-thirds of your overall customers are more likely to purchase your product after watching your Shopify store’s content. Just like the product descriptions will attract your customers, so will the content do. Hence, content marketing is one of the most effective ways to draw customers to your online store.

However, it is essential to know which kind of content engages the customers. That is why in order to increase traffic on your eCommerce store, you should focus on content like image content, videos, reviews and recommendations, and product descriptions.

6.Customer Retention

On average, over 65% of the sales come from customer retention. Just by improving 5% of customer retention, you can increase the profitability up to 75%. Surprising right? That is why it is a smart move to spend most of your time talking to the existing customers rather than chasing the new ones.

Consistent communication is one of the best ways to improve customer retention. Just like Amazon, and Flipkart, sending messages through e-mails can be the best way to practice. By doing this, your Shopify store will be the first thought in customer’s minds when they think of online shopping.

Rounding off

Now that you are up online and engaging with existing and new customers, we would advise you to be highly responsive on social media. It can help you to boost the sales of your Shopify store. The more traffic you have on your website, the more your revenue will be. Implement the above-given tips and see the magic in your ROI.

All of this pays off!!


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