Things To Keep In Mind When You Chose Your Water Purifier

Things To Keep In Mind When You Chose Your Water Purifier

Water pollution is a major problem because it can affect several health concerns. Drinking dirty water is toxic to children, but it can also cause health complications for adults. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, water pollution may occur spontaneously or as a result of human activities. Consequently, installing the right RO water purifiers at home is key to ensuring that you drink nutritious and clean water. Aquaguard service offers some of the best water purifiers in India, eliminating dissolved impurities and rendering water fully safe to drink. However, there are certain essential considerations to make before purchasing a water purifier.

Water purifier service are incredibly healthy, and they can get you out of becoming ill with diseases transmitted by water, such as Diarrhoeal diseases. A water purifier eliminates all kinds of contamination whether the contaminant is microbial or total dissolved salts. Thus you should book your water purifier service regularly so that you can drink pure & healthy water. 

Check TDS

Identifying the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in your drinking water is the first phase in selecting a water purifier for your house. This is the most crucial step in deciding how to use a water purifier service! A TDS meter, which is available from every water purifier specialist, measures the TDS of drinkable water. It is also valid for about Rs. 200 online. It is more valuable to buy one, so it would be beneficial in the long term.

The first step in selecting an Aquaguard service in Kolkata is determining the TDS levels in your household. Online, you can find everything from simple TDS testing kits to more complex ones that can search for lead and chlorine groups. On the other hand, a standard TDS meter can provide you with an estimate of the quality of the water delivered to your house. Water from reservoirs, ponds, and harvested rainwater has a lower TDS density, while water through bore wells or storage tanks has a large proportion of TDS and other hazardous chemicals. Select a water purifier capable of removing new-age toxins.

Aquaguard Service

Check For Water Waste And Maintenance

Most RO water purifiers for homes use 4 liters of water on average to purify 1 liter of water, resulting in approximately 75% water waste! You can use wastewater for other householduses. However, if you live in an environment where water is scarce, purchasing a RO water purifier for your home is not a wise investment. Depending on the TDS of your drinking water, you can need to service the water purifiers regularly. Examine the AMC of the various water purifiers for a home that you’ve shortlisted. This is an excellent tip on How to Choose a Water Purifier service for Your House. AMC will either make or break a contract.

Every house needs an RO system because the water has a high TDS content, unpleasant odor, and microbes. However, this does not imply water waste since businesses now offer alternatives for storing this rejected water. The RO system removes impurities using membrane processing, but it necessitates more water to clean the filter. Depending on the type of the purification facility, there is some water waste. Green RO water purifiers are also available, which help to minimize water pollution. These water purifiers are mainly designed for water supplies with TDS levels between 200 to 500ppm (total dissolvable solid particles).

Utilize all of the drainages. Wastewater generated by water purifiers may be used to disinfect utensils, clothing, and cars. this water can be used to clean floors and for gardens. It can also be used in water coolers and flush tanks if you wish to save water and power, switching off the purifier until it has been filled with filtered water. If the treated water is not used for a few hours, some purifiers cleanse it once again.

Consider Your Need

When shopping for a water purifier, keep your family size in mind. An optimum capacity water purifier is good for the house as it ensures clean water every time you drink water.  So, before paying for a purifier consider water your family size and then make your decision. If you have a large family then consider buying a countertop or under-the-counter water purifier for your house.

An RO water purification system is best in eliminating dissolved contaminants from water, including toxic Heavy Metal salts. RO water purifiers even eliminate all the tiniest viruses from water. Because an RO water purifier eliminates almost all forms of contamination from the water and makes water suitable for drinking purposes. 

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