Top 10 Most Wanted WordPress Plugins 2021 (Mostly Free)

Most Wanted WordPress Plugins 2021

WordPress contains more than 55,000 plugins in its plugin repository. Plugins make the work easy for the website owner without adding the manual coding to implement any feature or functionality to their websites.

Studies show that only 0.2% of people leave a review on the WordPress plugins (this is insanely shocking) even though they have been downloaded over 1.5 billion times.

With WordPress plugins, a website owner can customize his website and give it a look he wishes to add. Still, there is a fact that installing too many plugins on your website leaves a destructive impact on the overall performance of your website.

By keeping your website’s performance in your mind, we would suggest installing only the most wanted plugins that your website needs. Avoid installing the bulk of plugins that lower down the website’s accomplishments. Adding more to it, we have decided to share the top 10 most wanted WordPress plugins (mostly free) for your website. Explore each of them by reading this blog, and you will have a better clarification of each plugin.

Happy reading, readers!

1. myCred (FREE)

The sales-driven website is the most successful among all. myCred gamification plugin adds a game-like element to your website content that compels the users to interact, win, and purchase from your website.

Nowadays, gamification techniques are highly implemented on websites. myCred offers points, badges, and ranks to the users of your website by achieving specific tasks or performing usual activities.

It contains more than 50 addons that make your website more functional and sales-driven. Let’s shed light on the top-notch features of myCred.

– Build a loyalty program by converting your visitors into loyal customers.

– Earn digital rewards and redeem your points into real money when you reach the limit.

– Third-party integrations to add more functionality.

– Build your applications’ connection.

– Spin fortune wheel to win rewards.

– Win arcade games and earn points.

  1. Antispam Bee (FREE)

Dealing with the spam comments and trackback becomes easy with Antispam Bee. It never bothers you to manage the spam materials and automatically blocks them from your WordPress website.

The primary focus is that it is free, ad-free, and 100% GDPR compliant. With that said, it offers the ultimate features that benefit the users in many ways.

– Allow or block comment makers from specific countries.

– Admin notification via an email for incoming spam.

– Delete spam present currently after X days.

– Consider the comment time.

– Spam check comment forms on archive pages (optional).

3. Gravity Form (PAID)

Gravity form has set an example as the best contact form in the WordPress plugins library. It provides the users with all the contact form requirements and comes up with the best output once implemented.

Gravity Forms are offering the number of services listed below.

Smart uploads enables the users to upload the files via forms with drag and drop functionality.

Bookings for Gravity Forms is your pocket-friendly appointment booking assistant that serves every kind of business with its best booking features such as customizations, multiple payment methods, alerts, multi-step form, Google calendar synchronization, etc.

Preview Submission features allow you to have a look at a live preview of your forms’ changes.

Import Entries functionality enables the user to insert the hundreds of entries in their forms and import them at any time in CSV file format.

Payment Gateway integrations are one of the most basic needs of any business to receive payments instantly and securely. Gravity forms do it for you.

Address Autocomplete feature has synchronization with the google map. When a user inserts the keyword of the address, it shows the most relevant and the nearest area of the user with the help of the geolocation functionality.

4. Sucuri (FREE)

Secure your WordPress website with the well-known plugin Sucuri for FREE. It fixes the upcoming issues and makes you aware of future attacks to prevent your website before the time.

Protect your website from DDOS attacks and optimize the performance for better results. Additionally, it offers various features that are listed below.

– Monitor your website and identify the indicators of compromise.

– With its well-optimized and robust CDN, boost the performance of your website.

– Remove the malicious code.

– Delete the SEO spam keywords to keep your website protected.

– Enables you to submit a blocklist removal request for not decreasing your traffic.

5. RankMath (FREE)

Its headline, “The Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO,” says it all. RankMath is the best source of SEO to bring maximum traffic to your website. It takes your website on top of Google SERPs.

It is a game-changer plugin and offers a wide range of features. Some of them are listed below.

– It tracks the position of your website on SERPs.

– It keeps your SEO updated via emails.

– Find out the solutions and fix 404 error pages.

– Integrates brilliantly social media metadata to your website.

– Optimizes your website up to five focus keywords only.

6. MonsterInsights (FREE)

Keep an eye on your website’s analytics by installing MonsterInsights. The statistical data let you know where you are growing and lacking, which helps you plan your website success.

The connection with Google Analytics, get access to all tracking features within a few clicks. The dedicated dashboard makes the process easy to manage, control, and view your reports. It offers a wide range of features.

– No code complexities are required in website tracking.

– Affiliate link tracking is bliss for bloggers and marketers to track their links.

– Checks out the most downloaded files from which country or page.

– Checks out the most popular categories of your website.

– Tracks the watcher, watches the time, and duration of your website videos.

7. W3 Total Cache (FREEMIUM)

W3 Total Cache is being used for optimizing your website’s SEO and user experience by maximizing the cache of your website.

It makes the lousy websites even faster with the help of a content delivery network. Takes your website to the next level of performance, specifically for mobile responsive websites.

It offers numerous features and benefits listed below.

– Compatible with all kinds of hostings.

– AMP and SSL support.

– Minify the images, posts, pages, and RSS feeds.

– Caching of SRPs, database objects, and fragments in memory or disk.

– Implement a lazy load process on the images that are not being used or used for minor purposes such as thumbnail.

8. MailChimp (FREEMIUM)

Does your subscriber wait for your tremendous structured newsletters with the best marketing techniques embedded into them? MailChimp is your plugin to do so. It allows users to write remarkable newsletters in different ways.

Using this plugin, you can create appealing opt-in forms to increase the list of your subscribers. Let’s check out the features it offers.

– Easy integration with other contact forms such as Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, etc.

– Complete technical guide with a knowledge base is available for user understanding.

– A frequent support system where the experts answer your queries.

– Developed on Github where collaboration is possible.

9. Optin Spin (PAID)

Try your luck with OptinSpin’s wheel of fortune. It adds a spark to your website by engaging the maximum amount of visitors browsing your website to make them your regular customers.

Without paying on extra marketing efforts, integrate OptinSpin to your website to reach the maximum audience and build leads. It offers a lot to its users.

– Offers multiple discounts on every slice of wheel.

– Winners become customers by having discount offers.

– Uses WooCommerce coupon strategy to increase sales.

– Customize it in your way for brand recognition.

– Build a connection with MailChimp for email campaigns.

10. Really Simple SSL (FREEMIUM)

Secure your website by adding the security lock in your website to run over HTTPS. Once the plugin is installed, your entire website will move to SSL, and a lock will appear on your website URL.

It offers various features listed below.

– You have the authority to enable HTTP strict transport security.

– Shows the comprehensive feedback on the configuration page.

– Support for the premium users.

Ending Notes

Summing my words, WordPress plugins are the best resources for your website functionality that is wanted to keep your website maintained according to the trending needs and wants.

We have discussed the most wanted WordPress plugins for a better understanding of our readers. Start exploring!

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