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Top Business Books to Read and Activities To Do While Waiting For the Next Flight

I landed safely at Hong Kong airport; it was a pleasant journey from Dubai. My next stop was Narita airport, Tokyo Japan. I had to wait for the next 6 hours, here. It was exciting, to see the surroundings. I had to spend time well, so I made and did a list of activities, which I share with you: Firstly I must tell you, I am a bookworm I love to read romance, fiction, historical, and business books.


1.      Spoke to People

I was sitting with my bag and small trolley suitcase. I found some teachers, who were traveling with students on a study trip.

We all talked to each other. They also came from another country. They were young college boys and girls. Their trip was organized by their college.

They shared with me their experience; I also told them about my college life.

Their flight was before me, so the teacher shook hands, with me and all the students also shook hands, with me, and they left.

2.      Watch Movie

It was good to see that, airport authorities provided free Wi-Fi services. I just signed in, and it was connected.

I watched different movies. My bag contained, a headphone, which I connected through Bluetooth.

The first one I saw was Titanic. It was such a great movie, to watch. I loved the scenes. The hero and heroine were romancing. It was fun to see.

It was a huge ship, filled with hotel facilities. All the passengers were feeling happy. But suddenly, there was an accident. The ship hit an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean.

Most of the passengers lost their lives. The climax of the film was like sad romance novels. The heroine is rescued, but the hero meets her for the last time and is drowned.

My eyes were full of tears.  I wiped off my face. Soon I remembered that it was just a work of fiction.

3.      Shopping

I just stood up and took my luggage. My eyes moved around. The first thing, which clicked on me, was duty-free shop. I moved there, it was morning time, so I bought some chocolates and some sandwiches.

I ate it and enjoyed my breakfast. The sun was rising, through the glasses of the airport. It was so beautiful to see and enjoy the moment.

4.      Sleeping

Later in the day, I just moved around, to discover a different part of the airport. It was huge. So I was tired and sat in a place, my body was aching, then put on the alarm and slept for a while. I had a travel pillow, which I put around my neck.

I was waking up in between, due to the movement of passengers around me, but the good thing was I got some rest.

5.      Browsing the Internet

My laptop was in the black bag. I just took it out, and checked the emails, replied to some of them.  Most of them were related to the office. I also assigned some tasks, to my colleagues. They told me that they will finish it during the day.

I also had some meetings, with my boss, on Zoom. We discussed some reports, which were prepared a day ago. She gave me some, presentations to prepare, for our next meetings, with the clients.

I had opened Google slides and worked on presentations. It was easy to prepare, and the best thing was, I was able to share with my boss. She saw it and told me to schedule the meeting with clients, which I did.

My colleagues and I joined a meeting in Zoom. It was a detailed one. Our clients took keep interest in our proposals. They were happy and told us to send the draft of the deal for final approval. We all were happy, to get this done.

6.      Reading Books

To take a break, I thought of reading some books, which I had downloaded. I headed to Star Bucks, cafe, ordered hot coffee.

I sat in a comfortable place, took my Kindle, and chose some interesting titles, from the top books for starting a business. The one which I like was leading from outside. The author’s name is Stacy Abrams. Leading from the outside is one of the be best business books I have ever read.

The topic I, found different, from the books, I read in the past. She promotes the struggle of the minorities from the injustice of society.

She is the role model, for those individuals, whose voice is not heard or given importance.

I appreciate her efforts as a woman. She shares her life experiences as a working lady; Stacy also discusses her run for governor in the state of Georgia, which she lost, to her rival.

She doesn’t give up on life’s difficulties, she continues her struggle. She won an award in the USA.


The time just flew by. I finished the book. Furthermore, the flight, departure was announced. I headed to my seat. My stay at the Hong Kong airport just added some new memories. I was enjoying the view of the clouds, from my window and reading business books.


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