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What Are the Most Common Sexual Problems in Men that Need Proper Care?

Sexual Problems in men are getting very familiar with everyone but not every man has the confidence and courage to share their problems with their close one and their family. The critical thing to note is that people undergoing sexual illnesses suffer from lower self-esteem and depression that no one else can see or observe. It is advised to people who are suffering from sexual issues not to worry about any personal problem and visit an excellent sexologist to find its ideal cure between a specific time. Treating sexual illness is the only way to lead a happy sexual life. 


Steps to follow when you encounter a Sexual Problem in life?

If you are also having some or other issues related to sex, we will share some common sexual problems in men that you might be facing but aren’t aware of. By understanding sexual matters more, you can get a clear vision of getting rid of the problem with a perfect solution. 

Sexologists in India like Dr. Chirag Bhandari are known to treat these common sexual problems in men that prevent them from having satisfying sexual intercourse and destroys their sexual health. With the experience of more than 7 years in treating sexual dysfunctions, you can talk to Dr. Chirag to eliminate the sexual problem from your life.

Common Sexual Problems in Men that can be Treated Easily? 

1. Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction is the foremost sexual problem in men that you may encounter once in this lifetime. It involves the inability to maintain or get erections necessary for having satisfying intercourse. ED generally occurs due to the improper blood flow in the male reproductive part needed to sustain erections. Health issues like offensive blood flow, cardiac problems, diabetes, hypertension, and stress lead to erection failures in men.

It is important to note that ED is ubiquitous after a man crosses the age of 40.


A person suffering from ED can consult a doctor and get its solution. Medicines, creams, and surgeries, depending upon the extent of your issue, can help you eliminate ED. Some home remedies and exercises can also make you get rid of erection failures for the long run if followed regularly. 

2. Premature Ejaculation


Premature Ejaculation, as its name suggests, is a common sexual problem in men that prevents them from ejaculating at the time that they and their partner expect. A person ejaculates way too soon, causing unsatisfied desires and pleasure for a couple. 

A man encounters PE issues because of issues like improper functioning of the nervous system, stress, depression, performance pressure, and lack of communication between the couples. Sometimes, Premature Ejaculation is also considered an early sign of erectile dysfunction. 


With the help of medicines, medicated creams, devices, and some drugs, one can solve premature ejaculation issues. There are some techniques and behavioral therapies also to eliminate PE. 

3. Delayed Ejaculation


Just like ejaculating soon is not suitable for a person, ejaculating very late is also considered a common sexual problem because of the same reason i.e. unsatisfying sexual intercourse. Having trouble in climaxing during sex is DE. It is generally caused due to nerve damage and any thyroid disease. 


The doctors recommend many techniques that can help you get rid of delayed ejaculation, like “The Pause-Squeeze Method. Medication and pelvic floor exercises are also helpful in treating the same. 

5. Low Sex Drive 

The most concerning a sexual problem have a low sexual desire to perform sexual intercourse in males and females. Not having an interest in performing sexual intercourse can lead to relationship issues and other psychological problems. Low sex desires can result from having diabetes, kidney issues, depression, and relationship issues. 

Side effects of medication to treat health, as mentioned earlier, can also lead to less sexual desires. 


Low testosterone levels can lead to the given problem that can be treated by consuming supplements of the hormone. Other issues can be solved by consulting a psychologist or getting behavioral therapy. 

Chirag Bhandari- one solution to all your sexual problems  

The Director of the only male sexual health and wellness center– Institue of Andrology and Sexual Health, Jaipur, and one of the best sexologists in the city is Dr. Chirag Bhandari. Dr, Chirag can help you get over these common sexual problems in men that prevent you from attaining pleasurable sex. 

With the experience of several years in the respective field, Dr. Chirag has expertise in solving sexual problems that come with the highest success in Jaipur. With the latest methodologies and world-class treatments, Dr. Chirag meticulously designs treatments for each individual after properly analyzing his issue. Not only surgeries and medical treatments, but Dr. Chirag also offers counseling sessions and behavioral therapies for solving psychological problems by well-trained psychologists and sexologists.  

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