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Which products can get sleeve packaging?

Custom sleeve boxes are useful packaging boxes that can provide a covering for the objects and also; promote the brand name. It is a type of packaging in which there is a cylindrical covering of the articles. Along with this covering, there can also be a tray that can hold the object. The covering can be made from paper or cardboard, or any other material. It is a very innovative packaging technique. One considerable advantage of this type of packaging is that it is cost-effective. Since it is just a paper covering and the tray is optional. Therefore, it does not cost much. That is why it is the preferred choice of many people. It can be used for a variety of products. This packaging is easy to handle and also looks good. Following are the items for which this packaging is suitable.

Edible items:

Custom sleeve packaging is best for edible items like chewing gums, candies, chocolates, etc. Edibles are already in a plastic covering. So, this packaging is the most suitable for them as it provides a description of the product and also; keeps the edible items safe. This is more suitable for the edibles that are not sensitive or for the edibles that already have one covering. In these cases, it provides specific information about them. Egg boxes often have this packaging that may contain information about the dairy farm that provides the eggs.


Soaps are unbreakable and do not need any extra-protective packaging. Hence, sleeve packaging is the best for them. This packaging also lets the customer smell the soaps easily as they are not completely packed. There can be a cardboard tray that will hold the soap, and on that, the covering can do well. These boxes are customizable. Therefore, changes can be made in their colour, design, and size to make them more fit for the product. They may contain the name of the soap’s brand, ingredients, any special precautions, etc.

Cosmetics and make-up products:

Cosmetics are products that need fancy packaging. Their display is very catchy and innovative. So, the sleeve boxes wholesale are the best option for a better marketing campaign of the cosmetic items. These cosmetics are also often packed in plastic packaging. Thus, this packaging suits them the most. Face powders have this type of packaging where they are enclosed in lightweight cardboard. This makes it very easy to use these cosmetics. They can be kept in the packaging even when in regular use by the customer because; it is simple to use this packaging; moreover, it also looks very pleasant and adorable having a cute face powder on one’s dressing table. Moreover, it can also be used for eye shadow kits covering. They may have different colours like that of the eye-shadow kit.

 Best for CDs and DVDs:

This packaging is also the best option for packing CDs and DVDs. They may contain a description of what is CD/DVD about. If it is about a movie, it will have the movie’s title image, description of the movie cast, rating, parental guidance, etc. If it is for a game, it may carry pictures from the game’s characters. Moreover, it may also have a description of how to play the game. Hence, the seller can add the information that he desires his customer to read. Therefore, it serves as a great convenience for the customer.

Enhance the charm of toys:

Toys are very charming for children. They always lighten their mode and provide them with entertainment. Custom printed sleeve packaging can be used for covering the toys. The print can be very colourful that may attract the child. Moreover, the covering may also contain some interesting facts that may be readable by children. Or there can also be various photos or stories written on them. This will attract children and may make the toy his/her favourite.

Computer Software:

Computer software often has this covering. It is the best option for most computer-related products. Especially if they are small in size. Small-sized products do not need any special protection. Hence, this is the best choice for them.

Therefore, wholesale sleeve packaging is a very excellent marketing strategy. It is not only economical but also innovative. Customisations can be made according to the specific product type and the seller’s choice. They can be of any size, and any material may be used in their formation. The most common material options are Eco-friendly Kraft, Bux Board, Cardboard, etc. The seller may decide the design of the box according to his needs.

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