5 Reasons You Will Love Liquid EHR in 2021

Liquid EHR in 2021

About Liquid EHR

Liquid EHR is software created by LiquidEHR Inc, which creates solutions for optometrists and other providers who deal with eye care. It believes in software that is intuitive and seamless software that provides doctors with the technological tools they need to provide the best eye care they can to their patients.

The Benefits of EHR for Optometrists

You must be wondering – why do I need an EHR at my practice? While you have the skills needed to run the practice and provide care to patients, an EHR will be a powerful tool on your side to make the work you do faster, easier, and more efficient.

With an EHR tool, you can document patient encounters faster. Sometimes, while you’re dealing with patients, it’s possible to experience a gap between the information you’re hearing from them and the information you get the time to document.

When it comes to navigation, you shouldn’t have to constantly click through screens to get the data you need. This means, that within the shortest time frame possible you should be able to see your data. This also means you shouldn’t have too many windows pop up on your screen so it’s easy and quick to switch back to whatever you were working on.

Reasons to Love Liquid EHR Software

Here are some of the reasons we love Liquid EHR, and why you will love it too!

Securely Store Images

Image results are an important part of your work as someone dealing with eye care, and so it is essential that the EHR that you use has tools that can help you in the process of diagnosis and treatment.

You can use Liquid EHR’s HIPAA secure platform in order to manage the patient database which also allows you to store images. Not only that, but you can also manage the images by drawing notes on them with your observations so all the data about the image is secure.

Communicate with Patients Using Patient Portal

Having the tools at your disposal to make information readily accessible to patients is an important part of running an eye care clinic. Using the Liquid patient portal, you can interact with patients and help them schedule appointments, view their visit summaries, and even manage the bills from the convenience of their portal.

Prescribe Medications Online

When you are using Liquid you can prescribe medications to your patients instantly, meaning you can connect to a preferred pharmacy of your patients’ and send the prescription request there directly to avoid any issues with your patient. The same goes for tests, whose results will be added to your patient’s record so you can see them instantly.

Schedule Appointments Conveniently

Using the appointment scheduling tool, you can handle all of the current and scheduled appointments with your patients. You also have the option to reschedule appointments should the need arise, and handle any waitlists quickly so your patients have the best possible experience.

Manage Televisits

Telehealth is an important part of navigating practice visits in 2021, as we are still under a global pandemic that has impacted people’s ability to visit a clinic. Using virtual televists from Liquid will help you make sure you and your patients are safer as they can still maintain their eye health without having to leave the house.

Liquid EHR Reviews

The Benefits

The benefit of using this software according to Liquid EHR reviews is that it is simple and easy-to-use software. Its affordability is also a huge plus point for smaller businesses who are looking for a low-cost EHR service.

The Drawbacks

The drawbacks of using Liquid can be that the software may not have very efficient billing options. Additionally, some Liquid EHR reviews also mentioned it can also be slow to open new windows, and the system can get slow.

Liquid EHR Cost

For the onsite version of the software, the Liquid EHR cost is $199 a month, which also includes free setup, unlimited doctors and workstations, and all of the modules.

For the cloud version, you can purchase a plan at $299 a month, including the free setup, unlimited workstations globally, unlimited user profiles along with 5 users at the same time, and access to all of the modules.


As an eye doctor hoping to use software to make your clinic more efficient, Liquid EHR is a great option for you. With all of the features that the software offers, it can be a great asset for you and your clinic. However, it is always a good idea to read through more of the Liquid EHR reviews that can help you make up your mind.

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