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6 Best Places to Travel in China

China is a huge and varied country as it offers a diverse range of exploration options as a tourism destination. Whether you wish to travel by luxury cruise ship through the picturesque Yangtze gorges, see a bustling metropolis, or visit an ancient temple, China offers unforgettable adventures and sightseeing possibilities. With our list of the 6 Best Places to Travel in China, you’ll be able to experience a variety of interesting, unexpected, and exciting activities.

A great deal of mystery and curiosity has surrounded China’s tourist attractions for millennia. A source of inspiration and adoration since the Middle Ages, China has drawn visitors who traveled into the unknown in quest of a mythical place in Asia. Visit China in the spring or fall. It’s usually mild and dry throughout these times. Instead of the severely frigid winters and hot, humid summers common in many parts of the nation during other seasons. 

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Beijing, China’s present capital, is a famous tourist destination. Much of its 3,000-year-old history may still be found inside its limits. Translated as “Northern Capital,” Beijing has played numerous roles in China’s lengthy history.

Three hills dot the landscape, and the city’s circular ring roads resemble the layout of the Forbidden City. Moreover, Beijing has a well-developed public transit system, including a subway system that stretches several miles through the city.

Wangfujing Commercial Street has been Beijing’s premier shopping destination for more than a century. Despite this, the Yashow and Silk Street Markets are also highly popular places to visit.


Situated on the Yangtze River’s mouth and East China Sea coast, Shanghai is China’s largest and most developed city. In addition, the region accounts for about a quarter of all foreign investment in China, more than any other emerging country.

Skyscrapers dot the city’s skyline, as do gleaming retail malls, opulent hotels, and prominent art centers. Shanghai’s city evenings are typical of western perceptions of Chinese cities, with brilliant neon signs, bustling streets, and a plethora of shops.

As far as transportation is concerned, Shanghai offers it everything, including an enormous Metro system. The Bund, Shanghai’s colonial riverside along the Huangpu River, is the most popular spot for a promenade in the city. As a result of levy changes, many of the Band’s historically impressive structures may still be seen.

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Hong Kong

HONG KONG, located off China’s southeast coast, is a wealthy, world-class commercial hub. It is place where British colonial influences, Chinese culture, and modern-day high-technology mingle together. There are many green spaces, mountains, and beaches to be found in Hong Kong despite its high density of skyscrapers and high human density.

On the island of Hong Kong, some must-see sights include the famed Victoria Harbour. It is a magnificent sight at night with all of the glistening skyscrapers. With a range of cuisines, dining in Hong Kong is an adventure in and of itself.


Lhasa is an important city in Tibetan history and is situated in a Himalayan mountain valley, making it a significant location. In addition to being Tibet’s largest city, Lhasa is also one of the world’s highest cities at 3,500 meters above sea level. Much of Lhasa’s culture has survived despite its incorporation into larger China. Among the city’s attractions is the historical residence of the Dalai Lama, the Potala Palace.


In northwest China, Xi’an is the capital of the Shaanxi Province and is about the same age as Beijing. History is one of the main attractions in Xi’an. As a result, trade between many nations in Eurasia was made feasible.

Because of its aerospace science and technology base, it has become an important cultural and technical hub.


Travelers from all over the world go to Yangshuo in south China to appreciate its beautiful splendor.

As a starting point for day tours around the region, Yangshuo is a fantastic choice. In Yangshuo and Guilin, taking a boat excursion on the Li River is a popular pastime. It is famed for its scenic beauty and the world-famous karst mountains. This route is quite level, making it a popular choice for those who want to see farmers at work in their fields on the way back.

In addition to Moon Hill, Assembling Dragon Cave, and taking a Chinese language lesson at one of Yangshuo’s numerous language schools. Yangshuo is home to several other notable attractions.

The Bottom Line 

Don’t you think that each of these locations to visit in China is an interesting experience in and of itself? Chinese travelers feel that this is merely the beginning of their adventures in China and that the nation has more to offer than they can manage in a lifetime.

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