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Basically, Airen Herbals is an accredited Third-party Herbal and Ayurvedic medicines manufacturer providing a wide-ranging portfolio of health and wellness products that meet the high-quality standards and compliance requirements. After completing all the procedures for your Ayurvedic marketing company, the next major step is that you need to find out an Ayurvedic Manufacturing firm that provides contract manufacturing & third-party services. And, in case you need to get manufactured by your own company name without any manufacturing unit then you can also go with the loan licensing process but the loan licensing procedure is very complicated so, to begin with a third-party manufacturing would be the best option for you. Herbal Products are based on plants, natural herbs, roots, ayurvedic products like- aloe Vera, turmeric, ashwagandha, cumin etc.

What Is Third Party Manufacturing?

Well, third-party manufacturing is a simple procedure of manufacturing your own company from some other company’s manufacturing unit. For example, here you’ll manufacture company A from company B. Where Company A is a marketing firm and company B is a manufacturing firm.

Your products will be marketed by the address of Company A and it will be manufactured by the address of Company B.

We provide the best manufacturing services for aspiring entrepreneurs to help them sell our manufactured products under their own brand name.

At Airen Herbals we follow stringent quality guidelines to innovate and develop quality products that with demonstrated health benefits to deliver optimal customer experience. Herbal Products have benefits like no side effects. Airen Herbals have many more products like- NONI JUICE, ENERGY BOOSTER JUICE, ALKALINE DROP, MORINGA JUICE, DIABETES CARE, and more.

Bespoke third-party manufacturing services with a reliable quality

So, We offer reliable third-party and contract manufacturing facilities for different herbal companies enabling them to sell our quality products under their brand label. Well-aligned with superior quality guidelines and medicinal requirements, our product range fully satisfies the objectives of sellers as well as their end clients. We specialize in providing bespoke services as per the clients’ preferences. We provide end-to-end services right from initial production formulation and product packaging. India’s number one Herbal Products Manufacturer and Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing. Airen Herbals is the most trusted brand. The quality and the quantity of the Products is good. Best Private Label Manufacturing at best prices in India. If you want to manufactured by your brand name, then contact us for the best private label manufacturing.

All our products are available at highly competitive pricing and stick to the best levels of quality. Supported by a highly experienced team of workers we have a successful track record of delivering the products within the stipulated time frame without any delays or discrepancies. We offer Hair, Personal Care, Skin, Body, etc. products. Our motive is not to provide only products; we just want client satisfaction. The reason behind the increase in popularity is cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and reality.

How to Search for a Third Party Company?

You can look for a third-party manufacturer online or find them out via B2B portals. Ayurvedic Third-party manufacturing firms also provide advertisements in medical newspapers, magazines etc. You can get connected to them from there.


Our Laboratory

We have a purpose-built in-house laboratory equipped with sophisticated apparatus to achieve the best quality parameters. We employ comprehensive quality testing procedures that comply with the best standards defined by federal authorities. It allows us to promise uniform quality standards for each batch of products,

Our Expertise

Our in-house panel of quality experts meticulously check and work on each product batch until it achieves the set standards of quality. We carefully procure the most authentic and natural components, follow recommended preparation procedures and maintain the favorable composition of ingredients to deliver the best quality Herbal and Ayurvedic. It helps the sellers to deliver excellent products to their end customers.

Our Vision & Mission

We endeavor to emerge as a forerunner in the field of third-party health and wellness product manufacturers and set an industry trend for innovation, manufacturing practices, and ethical business commitments.


We are on a mission to provide high-quality health and wellness product manufacturing services for encouraging more enterprises to successfully start health-related ventures which will help the global citizens to enjoy a better life quality.

Our Business Philosophy

At Airen Herbal Manufacturing we believe in high moral values and make them an integral part of our business and manufacturing process which translates into the success of our enterprise customers Through years of our experience, we have supported several ambitious entrepreneurs to build their health-related business entities by providing them end to end manufacturing-to-packaging services. We perceive our manufacturing services as a tool to help people achieve their entrepreneurial ambitions and transform their lives while serving mankind.

Our Infrastructure

We have a well-equipped manufacturing facility furnished with advanced infrastructure and GMP-certified machinery equipment. Our manufacturing division works in full compliance with the FDA regulations and quality guidelines standards by health authorities. Staffed with a team of qualified professionals with the best credentials and demonstrated capabilities, we ensure a seamless blend of hygiene, economy, and efficiency to all our enterprise clients.

Our technology

We utilize the sophisticated technologies that enable us to meet the high-scale production and time-sensitive urgent orders to deliver the best quality products within a short period. We have well-segregated facilities for different units to streamline the work in a better way:

Our Commitment

Along with competitive pricing and end-to-end services we also offer minimum order quantity (MOQ) to help enterprise customers easily start their ventures with minimum possible capital. Our development activities conform to the ISO 9001 standards and all our products are tested for quality assurance and ascertaining the best purity standards.

How to Finalize?

You should at least connect with 4-5 Ayurvedic third-party manufacturers and send them your quotations of the products you want to release in the market. Now you will get rates and other terms and conditions applicable.

You can compare rates and then consider.

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