Dripper Coils VS Tanks – Which is Better?

An atomizer is an important part of any vaping device. It is basically the engine room of the vaping device, where e-juice is turned into vapor.In this article, we will be talking about the two most common types of rebuildable atomizers- a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) and a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA), and which is comparatively better.

What is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA)?

A rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) is the simplest and most efficient type of atomizer in a vape. In this form of atomizer, e-juice is dripped directly onto the dripper coil and wicking material of the vaping. However, this type of atomizer does not necessarily include a tank or a reservoir. Thus, this is what makes this type of atomizer in high demand and extremely versatile.

RDA atomizers mainly feature 4 things- the build deck, barrel, the top cap, and the main mouthpiece. The build deck of the atomizer includes an e-liquid on the top as well as a standard 510 connector on the bottom as well. Moreover, it also allows for a more adjustable airflow, which is most commonly placed on the main barrel. Furthermore, the drip tip of an RDA is most commonly made up of distinct materials such as Delrin, Ultem, and resin. The connectors used in the drip tip are mostly 510 and 810.

Users need to take off the mouthpiece or the top cap and pour e-juice directly onto the dripper coils in order to use an RDA. Moreover, any excess e-liquid will be stored inside the juice well and will allow users to smoke 5 – 15 more puffs.

What is a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA)?

A Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA)is another type of vape atomizer in which the build deck is either submerged in the e-juice reservoir or is placed directly on top of it. This type of atomizer is mostly similar in shape and design including sub-ohm tanks. The difference lies in the coils and wicking material, where both are user-made and mounted. RTAs are a favorite mainly due to the comparatively lower cost.

Most RTAs feature 5 main things- the e-juice reservoir, the build deck, the chimney, the top cap, and finally, the drip tip.

Benefits of Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

More Vapour Production

Rebuildable atomizers are able to produce more massive vapor clouds, with more intense flavor as well.

Variety of Flavors

This type of atomizer has many more flavor options to choose from , as compared to a rebuildable tank atomizer. Moreover, the flavor with this is more noticeable and comparatively better than most vapes out there.


This type of atomizer’s versatility is what makes it a favorite of most people. You can even select the components and configurations yourself. Moreover, wicks and coils are available in varials types of materials to provide different experiences to users. You can choose how to arrange them yourself. Moreover, even single coils, dual coils, and quad coils are available to choose from. You can choose how many wraps and what size wire to use, which are best suited to your device.

Better Quality Materials

Not only do RBAs have better quality materials, but a better structure as well. Moreover, this kind of atomizer is more long-lasting and durable than the ordinary cigarettes out there. This is because this type of atomizer is made up of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, which is highly durable and robust.

Less Complicated than an RTA

Unlike RTAs, RDAs don’t necessarily cause a leakage, nor give users a dry hit.  Thus, it is more easy and convenient to maintain and manage.


RDAs are not heavy on the pockets, as cotton and coils come at very cheap prices.

Advantages of Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA)

Easier and Convenient

RTAs are more convenient, and easy to use and assemble, as compared to RDAs.

Better Battery

With an RTA , your vape’s battery life will be comparatively longer as you will not be drawing as much power on stock coils.


You can experiment with various coil builds depending upon your choice. However,  Building coils is a highly advanced vaping technique, and can even pose a risk if not done correctly.

RDAs – The Bottom Line

Rebuildable dripping atomizers are, no doubt, a favorite of many. In terms of favor and performance, this type of atomizer produces massive and intense clouds- that too, with far better flavor. It is, for sure, a far cheaper option and more suitable for beginners. However, because there is an absence of a reservoir, there will be a constant need for refilling with e-juice time and again, which makes it highly inconvenient. This means you will have to carry the e-juice bottles with you everywhere you go, which can be quite a headache.

Moreover, wicking testing can also be troublesome at times, and also requires a considerable amount of practice. Because the design of this atomizer is small and compact, it can be sometimes difficult to reach tight spots and place the wick in the perfect position.

If we talk about cost, a good quality RDA could be quite heavy on your pockets.

Therefore, all these main disadvantages make RDAs a less suitable option for most vaping out there, especially for beginners. But, if dripping is not particularly an issue for you and you are more comfortable building your own coils, then an RDA is more suitable for you.

RTAs – The Bottom Line

Rebuildable tank atomizers are an excellent setup for vapor and flavor production. If you get your hands on a high-quality RTA, it will definitely deliver the full potential of e-liquid flavors, which will nearly be similar to that of an RDA setup.

Moreover, this type of atomizer is also very easy and convenient to use than RDAs. This is because RTAs come with an e-juice tank which saves users the effort and time of dripping and carrying a bottle of e-juice everywhere they go.

Lastly, RTAs are also heavy on the pockets, unlike RDAs, which is mainly due to their cheap components and low maintenance requirement.

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