Embracing the streetwear culture

“If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you do good.” – Georges St-Pierre

Do you feel like you have to wear those specific pair of shoes or that specific dress because it happens to be your lucky charm? If not, perhaps you’re into owning the most luxurious brands because they give you a sense of satisfaction? Or are you a hoarder and a junkie for that one brand in particular? Don’t worry; we won’t judge you for not  following streetwear culture. People have worse addictions and obsessions than being a Supreme fanatic.

For people who have no idea what we’re talking about, Supreme has become a fashion movement based on surfing, hip-hop culture, and skating. Lately, it has become the hottest brand in all of the US. Currently, it has 11 stores worldwide, and the brand itself is worth a billion dollars. UK Essay Help would say if you don’t know all the hype that Supreme has created, you’ve been definitely living under a rock. So, let’s have a deeper look at what makes Supreme so different.

A variety of clothes

Supreme has managed to nail down what most brands failed to do, identifying the right mix of cultures to churn out a combination that impresses this punk rock generation. Hence, the culmination of streetwear. Youngsters these days crave mashups of styles and never-seen-before creativity, which has led many high-end brands to collaborate with one another to offer the best of both worlds. These styles are replicated into every apparel you can think of. The iconic and simple logo of Supreme has been plastered on every item of theirs, and people buy it like crazy, whether it be a cap or shirt or even socks.

Supreme has made itself a luxury brand, and people are attracted toward every ‘drop’ of it’s like a moth drawn to the flame. They have succeeded in roping the youngsters under the guise of selling branded items that reflect the streetwear culture, and it looks like they’re excelling at it too. The Supreme logo has helped in expanding their outreach. Heck, people line up for hours to buy a brick featuring the Supreme logo, and it serves no other purpose than that. 

Exclusive Style

Perhaps, one of the factors that are contributing to the success of Supreme happens to be its unique design. Supreme fans are fascinated by the distinct styles and fashion experiments that are offered to them. Most brands are afraid to take on a huge challenge like this which involve blending together two different styles as it’d often not bode well in their favor. However, Supreme somehow managed to perfect the art and made it rain cash through their bold designs. Oversized items and unconventional silhouettes have wooed the audience over other high-end brands who are baffled how they got taken over by a streetwear brand.

Celebrity touch

Supreme also owes a chunk of its popularity to celebrities and influencers who made it possible for the brand to sell out in a matter of minutes. Who wouldn’t mind owning a piece of clothing that’s worn and endorsed by your favorite celebrity after all? streetwear culture clothing has been graced by big names like Justin Bieber, John Mayer, and Chris Brown. Just one glimpse of these stars in Supreme, and the crowd goes nuts. Resulting in the huge hype that gets the production going and the market value to increase as well, and if the celebrities are going out of their way to buy the apparel, there must be something significant about it.

Hot Collaborations

If you thought the celebrity touch was enough to get the shelves cleared off, you don’t even know half of it. Sure, the celebrities helped in boosting the sales and increasing the outreach; however, one of the best decisions made by Supreme was to collaborate with other luxury brands.  For instance, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coca-Cola and Burberry, to name a few. At retail, an item could be sold for $32, but at a resale, it’d be sold out at even $350. Such is the influence of Supremium brands. The resale market has been making the most of it as people are willing to pay every penny they have just to get their hands on that Supreme jacket.

The concept of ‘drops.’

You must’ve heard of people listing down items for their registry so people can buy it for them. Well, ‘drops’ happen to be a slightly similar concept. So, Supreme releases a drop list on a weekly basis that consist of its newest items. The fact that the items are produced in a limited amount makes people crawling all over the stuff to be the first ones to get it. Otherwise, they’d just have to buy them at ridiculous prices at resellers which they would if they happen to be Supremeheads. These products have a very minimum shelf life and get sold almost immediately, which is why people line up for hours or camp all night. Reminds you of the good ol’ days when people would be dying to get their hands on prime tickets for Harry Potter movie premieres.

Aftermarket Value of streetwear culture

The fact that Supreme has no issues with resellers making huge bucks through their products is an impressive feat. Limited stock and celebrity hype is a good enough reason to sell products at sky-rocketing prices because as long as they bore the Supreme logo, it’s completely fine. These days, Supreme collectibles are even a thing. StockX is one of the biggest resale markets of Supreme. It contributes nearly $150 million a year while reselling items for just one brand. It has come a long way from starting off as a skate shop in NYC and now has expanded globally.

The fact that they have killer marketing in place to stay in touch with its enormous fan base continues to build up the hype. All in all, according to Essays Tigers Supreme has been a force to be reckoned with in the past few years.

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