Is Undergoing Dental Implants Painful?

Dental Implants

Do you have any plan to get a replacement for the missing teeth? Obviously, healthy gums and teeth attribute our smile and with missing teeth, it can shatter down your confidence level. So, patients desperately want to fill those gaps with artificial teeth. Dental implant procedure is one of the best options for this.

Dental implants revolutionised the entire missing tooth replacement procedure and are much different from that of the dentures and bridges. Obviously it is an invasive procedure to fix the artificial tooth into the jaw, but people are more concerned about pain associated with dental implants.

Your doubt will get cleared after you go through the blog post and know what exactly the procedure involves.

Can this surgery hurt? What should be your expectation from dental implant procedure?

Dental implant procedure has two parts. Firstly, the invasive or the surgery itself and secondly, healing or recovery. In this procedure the dentist takes the responsibility to infuse the artificial teeth into the jaw. So, they need to cut the gums. It really sounds painful, but in reality it is not at all due to the use of local anaesthesia.

Once the spot becomes completely numb, they expose the jawbone by making an incision. Don’t worry regarding any discomfort as the spot is still numb. On making the spot clearly accessible, they drill to make a hole to place the implant. Instead of pain you can only feel slight pressure.

The entire process comprising of incision, drill and placement of the implant will consume around an hour. Afterwards the implant screw into the desired position. Once the dentist checks that the placement is perfect, they will close the incision.

Due to the effectiveness of the local anaesthesia, you are not going to feel any pain at all. Also the dentist gives pain medication before carrying out the process so that if the effect wears off the patient can’t feel any pain and get much-needed relief. Now, wait for the site to heal completely.

What should be your expectation during healing after dental implant surgery?

Once the effect of anaesthesia sheds off you will more likely to experience some tenderness. But it is not like unmanageable at all. The dentist will provide OTC pain killer to get rid of some discomfort during the entire healing period. You must strictly adhere to the aftercare instructions given by the dentists. It includes:

  • Don’t use straws for at least a day after surgery
  • Minor swelling is common for 2-3 days
  • The day after your surgery use salt water to rinse the mouth 3-4 times
  • Avoid the consumption of hot foods for 48 hours
  • Stay away from smoking for 3 days after the surgery has finished
  • Take Tylenol for reducing any discomfort

Remember healing and recovery is different for every patient as the surgery is conducted on the basis of the individual’s requirements. But there is only mild pain throughout the entire period of surgery and recovery. Medical attention is needed if pain persists for longer.

You can also arrange the follow-up appointment with the dentist. Although it is not completely painless yet it becomes most accessible process the patients can opt for as a permanent tooth replacement solution. But a majority of the patients conclude that the pain is much less in terms of severity of pain of tooth extraction.

Do you need to consider dental implant?

While planning to replace your missing teeth, dental consultation is the first step you must take. They are qualified and experienced to give clear insight regarding the process, including aftercare instructions and your expectations. Some dental practises reveal the cost of various replacement options so that you can choose the best one after comparison.

It is not suitable for every patient suffering from missing teeth. Many need additional procedures for allowing the artificial tooth to obtain a good hold into the jaw. The most celebrated processes sinus lifts and bone grafts carry out to improve the quality of jaw bone enabling you to undergo dental implant procedure.

Patients having worn dentures must look for additional procedures to enhance the bone condition. It is the key problem that denture users face and over time it makes the patients unsuitable for dental implants. At the time of your initial consultation, dentist evaluate the quality of your mouth, especially jawbone, gums and remaining teeth to determine whether this procedure can suit you or not!

In case you aren’t ideal for the procedure instead of excluding you completely from getting implants a tailor-made treatment plan will offer to you. It includes sinus lifts, bone grafts and implants to make it suitable for you too!


Any sort of surgery, whether it major or minor is scared because of the invasion involved. Most patients are conscious regarding having sutures, cutting and drilling. But lastly, no pain with dental implant procedure. In fact, you are not going to experience excess discomfort during the entire recovery time.

The entire mouth will numb prior to carry out the procedure. Afterwards, the use of any over-the-counter products like Tylenol is enough to alleviate the pain at the surgical site within a few days due to suture. For more info, you can visit at to book a free consultation!

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