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Places to visit near Gokarna Beach Trek


Gokarna is a city on the sea, within the south-western Indian state of Mysore. A well-liked pilgrim’s journey destination for Hindus, it’s familiar for sacred sites like Mahabaleshwar Temple, which includes a shrine dedicated to the god Shiva. Nearby, Koti Teertha is a temple tank where devotees wash within the holy waters. The city is additionally home to beaches like palm-lined Gokarna, within the center, and Kudle and Om farther south. Its beauty is never-ending when it comes to describing it.

1.Mahabaleshwar Temple

Known across the world for its good design and awing stateliness, Mahabaleshwar Temple is found on the outskirts of the Mahabaleshwar town. This place of worship happens to be an example of the wonderful Indian gift. Popularly called Mahabali, this temple gets a significant flow of devotees, who come back here to offer prayers everywhere the year. The simplest part of this shrine is the sense of tranquillity and serenity it offers. 

The main attraction of the Mahabaleshwar temple is the six feet long Shiva symbol, which depicts the stone incarnation of Lord Shiva. Tourists who come back to go to this place realize the place is peaceful and that they like to spend a while meditating on the premises of the temple.

2.Koti Tirtha

One of the foremost sacred places to go to in Gokarna, Koti Tirtha is a well-liked man-made tank that holds nice reverence among the locals and tourists. This tank is encompassed by stunning temples all around and used for ritual bathing and immersing idols. As per one well-liked legend in Gokarna, Koti Tirtha is believed to be the origin of m springs.

Koti Tirtha is set on the point of the far-famed Mahabaleshwar Temple and attracts pilgrims who visit the temple to perform rituals and pay respect to the ancestors. This sacred pool is used by devotees to take a shower and offers a quaint religious atmosphere for all those that obtain a spiritual rendezvous.

  1. Mirjan Fort

Mirjan Fort is a trademark of cultural glory and is located on National main road sixty-six, concerning 11 kilometers from Gokarna. The 16th-century design and cultural marvels of this place have created it a well-liked tourist attraction. The foremost in style and wide acceptance of all those stories is that of Queen Chennabhairadevi.

  There are unit four main entrances to the fort, every of that is arranged out with steps created out of soil stone, that is that the material used for constructing the remainder of the fort too. It’s interspersed with many wells joined to the fosse.

4.Kudle Beach

Kudle Beach in Gokarna is famed for its unmatched beauty and attractive charm. Flanked by tall coconut trees, this piece of land resembles an ideal ‘C’. Representing an immensely stretched piece of associated isolated ocean and land, Kudle Beach is the best choice to undertake for people who request solitude. 


Stroll around a few times, and you’re sure as shooting attending to notice some lovely beach shacks and bamboo huts to set up your night encampment. This can be the right moment to shoot the wonder of shining waters underneath the dim light-weight of the moon. With a large number of activities to fancy, Kudle Beach is a perfect destination for solo travelers, daring travelers, and honeymooner couples.

5.Gokarna Beach Trek

Gokarna, an excellent journey center is regarded to be one in every one of the celebrated destinations for the tourists from all parts of the province put together as a result of the country as an entire. So it covers nearly every pc there is to be visited. 

The Gokarna trek consists of associate degrees out of this world beach trekking journey put together as a soothing beach browse camping site experience, that’s guaranteed to type your total experience associate everlasting one. The Gokarna trek would begin from Paradise Beach that shall be followed by zero.5 Moon Beach, so extending towards Om beach, Kudle Beach that then finally concludes on Gokarna Beach with non-necessary water sports activities and fireplace at intervals the dark and a comfortable night keep. The Gokarna trek ends with a visit to Shivappanaika’s Nagara Fort that is guaranteed to get you a pretty browse of nature.


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