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Post Box Numbers

Post Box Numbers

Post box numbers are a great way through which you can easily track your mail, and you should know how to use them correctly. A good Postbox number will assist you with your mail easily and enable you to have an easily organized-mail address. In the UK, all post offices have a specific format of numbers for different purposes. For example, you will notice a Postbox number for domestic senders, a Postbox number for certain companies and an Postbox number for international senders. Knowing this, it is easy for you to find out what you are dealing with.


The numbers can be seen in any part of the post office, from the right-hand edge to the left-hand edge. This is because the Post office has three layers. There is a layer of the receptionist who deals with clients on the first contact, an administrative assistant who provides services to the administrative assistant and then there is a customer service representative who does telephone answering among other things. The numbers are normally located on the door frame, but some of the Post offices have been known to locate the numbers in the upper-right-hand corner of the door, where it would appear as a third line or fourth line in any of the windows.


Making the Changes to the Post Box Numbers


Post office makes corrections to the PO numbers it receives on an ongoing basis. There are occasions when people misspell their addresses. They can also make mistakes in spellings. For example, someone may have written Mr. instead of Mrs. in a name like Mr. Paul Jones. Such mistakes are not dealt with automatically by the Post office and hence someone has to actually file a correction using the address internal mail using the Post office’s system.


In case of an error in the spelling of a name, for example, Mr. Paul Jones, the Post office would correct the PO numbers to Mr. Paul Jones without making any changes to the post box numbers. Similarly, in case there is a typo in the address, for example, Mr. Jones, instead of Mr. Jones, the PO numbers would need to be corrected. If you are sending mails to a friend who lives at a different address, you will have to make the necessary changes yourself. Hence, it is advisable to check and use a professional address provider for this purpose.


There are times when people get mail on Saturday and Sunday. If the Post office is open on Saturday and Sunday, you will get mail on Saturday and you will be forced to wait to receive your mail on Sunday. If you wish to receive mail on Saturday and get mail on Sunday, then you should use the Post office to receive your mail on Saturday and hand-write the return address and put the date of delivery and the Post office in the upper right hand corner. It will not be possible to use the Post office’s address system on Saturday and therefore, you should opt for an alternate method.


Various Choices for the Post Box Numbers


You can also find a lot of information online on different Post office services. For example, if you want to know the Post box numbers for a particular street, you can simply type in the street name in the search bar provided on the website of your Post office. Most often, you will get various choices for the Post box numbers with the corresponding numbers as well. However, sometimes, you might not find what you are looking for and in such cases you will have to make corrections to your existing information. In these cases, you should call up the Post office and seek their assistance to fix the problem.


If you are confused about whether you should go in for a Post box number or not and if you are still making corrections to your address every time your parcel reaches the Post office, then you must opt for delivery attempt number. This service is provided by the Post office and it has the names of all the street post offices across the country. When your parcel is delivered to the correct Post office, you will receive a confirmation that the parcel has been delivered and the Post box which has the delivery attempt number as the delivery code. By opting for this service, you can reduce the mistakes which are created at the Post office and thereby improve the delivery quality. Post box numbers give you complete peace of mind and hence, should be chosen over Post Office number when it comes to mailing parcels.

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