Reasons to Use Native Advertising

In this digital-first world, digital marketers and advertisers are moving towards native advertising to keep up with the users’ behaviour online. Have you ever wondered why publishers and advertisers are selecting native ads above other options such as banner advertising, content marketing, pay-per-click, and many more? Let the VDO.AI team explain to you the below-listed reasons that clearly say why businesses should opt for native ads.

  • Higher CTRs

With native ads, advertisements can be placed within the content in several different ways and come with adaptable designs. This feature provides 5 to 8 times higher CTR than the conventional advertising approaches. Native ads are performing much better on mobiles, tablets, and other handheld devices where consumers are spending a lot of their time. So, if you want to increase your CTR, without any doubt, switch to native ads.

  • Sophisticated Targeting

You cannot imagine the level of targeting that native advertising allows. Whether you are planning for B2B targeting for specific businesses and institutions or any other kind such as location-based, demographic, intent-based, etc – with the right approach and strategy, you can engage and win new customers. If you are not aware of the right approach, take help from the VDO.AI team for amazing and quick results.

  • Attracts More Genuine Interest

With subtle and non-intrusive features of native ads, it becomes quite easier to attract genuine interest. Unlike other advertising techniques that are interrupting the users’ experience, native ads are designed in such a way that they will reach a more and more relevant target audience.  Well-designed native ads that carry relevant content offer a pleasant user experience to the end-users. Ultimately, native ads have the power to attract higher quality visitors and convince them to click on the ad. Thus it provides high-quality leads and higher conversion.

  • Less Resistance From The Users

Many native ad formats such as in-content or story-based ads have the tendency to blend with the content. This advantage is not there with conventional advertising methods like banner ads. While promoting any service, product, or brand through native ads, you are creating a chance of more user engagement. In general, visitors do not avoid these ads, instead, click on them and give you a higher conversion rate.

Consumers are well aware of traditional advertisements and their placement on a website. Therefore, you should grab this opportunity that native advertising provides. If you are still confused then check out VDO.AI reviews and explore how businesses are getting benefits from native ads.

  • Native ad creatives

Can you focus on the advertisements that we have illustrated above? All of these guarantee readers to share some valuable info. Fantastic ad creatives are critical to your campaign achievement. If they are not tricky enough, nobody can also see your landing pages that are great. To the contrary, ads that attract a lot of clicks by providing a false belief will just waste your financial plan.

Whatever channel you market on, the best methods for advertising creatives will probably be pretty much exactly the same. Native advertisements is no exception. Ideally, you will want to decrease the word count, and use the primary keyword in the very start of a name, comprise CTAs, cite amounts or prices, and utilize different techniques advocated from the guides.

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