Styling Tips for 5 Days of Diwali Festival

Diwali is one of the biggest Indian festivals. It is celebrated in every part of India. Dhanteras is the start of the Diwali festival. Some people call Diwali Deepavali, depending on their accent. And when it comes to Diwali, new dresses for women, men, and children are mandatory.

Diwali is a five days Indian festival, and everyone wears new clothes. On this auspicious occasion, everyone dresses up in Diwali-style dresses. Everyone dresses up and goes to each other’s house and exchanges sweets and gifts. These are the traditions which are performed every year. At Diwali, one must wear new dresses that bring prosperity, wealth and are traditional. Men or women both prefer to buy Diwali-style dresses online. Women’s sarees online are available at discounts, and for girls, salwar suits for Diwali their bumper sale is going on.

Dressing in the Indian ethnic outfits who don’t like? We all, especially women and girls, love to wear Indian traditional outfits. It is the time when women do too much saree shopping online as the sale is going on. So girls look for Diwali-style lehenga, salwar suits for Diwali, or traditional Kurtis for Diwali festival

Diwali is a national festival of India and is a perfect occasion to shine and dress up in the best Indian ethnic and traditional dresses. So girls, if you want to look good on this Diwali, go for Diwali dressing style and search out the best Indian outfits.

What can you wear on the days of Diwali?

Day 1- Buy new clothes on the Dhanteras.

Dhanteras, also known as Dhanvantari Triodos, marks the start of the new year. This day is marked as an auspicious day, and people buy various items from the market. It is said that by ancient people, buying something new will bring prosperity and happiness in your life. This day is all about inviting Goddess Dhanvanatri, which means happiness and wealth. So, on this day, you have to think positively and not let any negative thoughts affect you. Smile a lot, buy new clothes, shop for new clothes of good quality. Women should buy sarees online or look for Diwali dressing style, Diwali sarees online, Diwali style lehenga, and buy other stuff.

Girls can go wearing salwar suits for Diwali or lookout for the latest Diwali dressing style online. You can buy sarees and salwar suits or any other dresses you like in red, blue, green, and yellow. Avoid wearing black color on this day, as black is preferred as a bright color in Hindu mythology. Most people prefer to wear traditional clothes on Diwali, although you can wear western clothes also.

Day-2 Regular or lIght look on Choti Diwali

This day is also known as Kali Chaudas. On this day, Goddess Kali and considered the most important day in many parts of India. On this day, Havana, Naivedyams are done on Choti Diwali. Most people rest on this day or meet up with their family members or friends. On this day people will take some time and go to their relatives, friends, families, and colleagues. Therefore, you will feel so much relaxed on this day. 

However, you can be bright and vibrant by wearing your best attire. You can also go for an Indo Western outfit or something casual. Wear that dress that makes you feel relaxed. Crop top on jeans or short Kurtis will also make you feel relaxed. Although if you are traveling to another city and have a long day go for light color clothes. Which will keep you light and give you a fresh feeling throughout.

Day-3 The Diwali day

It is the primary day to wear the best attire and sizzle in the look. On this day, there are so many things to do as pooja is also there. You will rarely get the time to do the decorations, celebrations, meeting loved ones, or dressing up. But we make sure you will get ready in your best attire and flaunt your Diwali-style dress on social media. Therefore, keep your Diwali outfit ready one day before Diwali.

You should buy the best Diwali outfits for 2021 on this day. With the glowing diyas, you will also shine brighter by flaunting your Diwali-style outfit. Dazzling salwar suits online will help you in achieving a glamorous look. And with that dress, open up your hair and let them fall with some authentic earrings, which makes your Diwali look extra glamorous.

Day-4 Womanly look for Baras

All over India, this day also holds great importance. It is officially a New Year as per the Hindu calendar. On this day, people enjoy cooking Anakuth and doing Goverdhan pooja. This day is totally about food. It is the best day to be casual and bring out your natural womanly personality. As it is after Diwali time, get relaxed and wear some comfortable clothes. You can go for some light color, pastel ethnic outfits in this Diwali week for four days. You can go for some fashionable and modish embroidery decoration.

Day-5 Bhai Dooj

Bahi Dooj is the most auspicious day for brothers and sisters. On this day, my sister visits her brother’s and cousin’s brother’s homes. Therefore, on this day, you also have to keep your dress prepared. The dress on this day should be generous and traditional, not too sparkling. Select the lighter fabrics or go for the brocade fabrics prints. Long Kurtis with palazzo pants or trousers can also be an excellent choice for this sister-brother bond day.

You should do the Diwali saree shopping or search for the best Diwali dressing style online. I have come up with an ethnic outfit with a modern touch to keep you stand out. Therefore, buy a new trendy outfit that makes you feel comfortable and gives you an elegant look. Then, go shopping for some traditional Kurtis for Diwali.

From kurta, palazzos to sarees, you will get all the Diwali dressing style dresses for women and girls. You can get all the clothes for Diwali online, whether it is women sarees or salwar suits online.

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