Surprise your Partner with a Couple Portrait Painting

Surprise your Partner by turning Pictures into Portraits

For some people, love can be used to describe almost anything, be it a book, a movie, a fictional character, a cup of coffee, or a place! But, when it comes to romantic relationships, Love surely holds a different meaning. For the mature ones, it is loyalty and commitment but for the explorers, it may be just too complicated and dreamy at times.

There is something magical and comforting about the idea of falling for a person romantically. Beginnings are always legendary. But the mid-process is much more beautiful. There are so many dreams on the plate, some do go on to live those dreams with their significant other. Be it facing the reality of daily responsibilities, busy work schedules, differing needs for solitude, or socializing together, with a deeper understanding and great communication all these can be easily taken care of.

Why a couple portrait painting?

A good amount of tender-loving with extra maintenance from both sides is what builds up a long-time friendly relationship with the partners. You might have done many grand things to spice up your romantic lives. But, here is a fact that a romantic surprise doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive to make the other person feel important. The feeling of giving something should just be from your heart and filled with the zest of strengthening the bond between you and your partner.

an oil painting of a couple looking at each other

There are many romantic inspirations to be looked at, but a couple portrait painting would be a unique gift for your partner. The idea of surprising your partner with a digitally handmade gift sounds too fascinating and imaginary already, doesn’t it?

There comes a time in every relationship when we want to powerfully show our partners how much we care about them and how we cannot imagine our lives without them. We end up getting so confused as to what different should we give? Will they like it? Do they have it already? And the list goes on! We end up thinking about this all day long, sometimes for weeks! Also, the thought of giving something so common that everyone around can just have is more frustrating.

So then the question again arises, how to make it look more exclusive and also artsy? Well. The answer is very simple. All you need to do is to go for customised gifts such as a digital oil painting from Oilpixel which would add a whole different set of creativity and spark to the gift. This fascinating artwork is done carefully with our in-house artists with utmost care. You will feel the change by yourself when you see the magic of digital strokes touch the features of your partner. The art of gifting and the idea of getting a painting done is a completely special gesture in all and let’s see how!

The Art of Gifting:

The gift-giving is always around us and you must be thinking about hunting for the perfect present for your loved one, your partner. But when it comes to finding the right gift, we avoid the cliché and boring. That’s when Oilpixel can step in to help you pick a valuable gift. An art piece like a couple portrait painting will make a beautiful and unexpected gift that is guaranteed to last a lifetime and make meaningful milestones all the more memorable.

Art lasts a lifetime:

Unlike the other gifts that your partner might have received, a painting will never fall out of trend. It will always adorn the walls of their home and add to its surroundings. Whenever they’ll look at the artwork, it’d remind them of you and the occasion and of course, your love and affection.

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A Personal statement:

While opting for a painting to give to your partner, you need to consider their taste, hobbies, and beliefs as well. Art is often bought because of its emotional appeal and can be highly revealing of someone’s taste and personality. If you get a digital artwork keeping all this in mind, it will ensure that they love the work and feel oh-so-special.

Memorable forever:

When you’ll pick a photo to digital painting online, it will become a part of their collection. A digital couple portrait painting will be a joy forever and whenever your partner will get a glimpse of it, it’ll uplift their mood.

Value for money:

When you get a painting, you get along with an asset whose value never converts into nothingness. Instead, It’s worth will increase and may prove to be a worthy asset down the line. Do note that the rarity of a digital art piece is what gives it value. The durability and eternal beauty of digital art make it something worth investing your money on.

Digital art – ‘Unique art’:

One normally thinks of the original as referring to a unique work that the artist made with his own hands. A digitally drawn painting is elegant as well as original. We recommend you picking this art style that not everyone has. Along with that, you can also include a romantic note for your partner along with explaining the deepness of the art. If you’re giving it to them, be aware of what prompted you to think of this gesture. After all, art is always better when you know the story behind it. And digital art will just add more magic to your memories lived together.

Why Oilpixel

With Oilpixel, once you receive your digital oil painting you can celebrate your love story. For those who are planning to confess their love to their partners, we wish all the very best! Your moments are yours and we respect that. However, there is a misconception about digital painting that these can be created just by applying a simple effect to a photograph.

People are not aware of the complexities of these paintings. We use two different softwares to create one digital painting. One painting may take several hours to get created. Every stroke is precise and our artists pay a minute level of attention to bring life to paintings. The beauty of our paintings is that they never fail to mesmerize the viewer.

Each of our digital portrait paintings stands out. More importantly, they capture a moment and keep the memory alive. At OilPixel we love creating memories that spread happiness. We hope that this birthday gift will leave your partner awestruck for life.

Along with these paintings, we also provide photo restoration services for people to take a moment and appreciate their emotions for their partners. We are just a few clicks away to help you create this splendid artwork. Take a closer look at our work and buy personalized gifts from Oilpixel today!

Get a couple portrait painting delivered within 10-12 working days. For more details feel free to reach out to us at @oilpixel (Instagram), (e-mail) or call us at +91-79-4009 8388. We deliver painted happiness across the globe with our rolled archival canvas which you can get framed or by getting a soft copy of it.

Vipul Pandit

Vipul, the co-founder of Oilpixel, has been an art enthusiast for more than 15 years now. With his expertise, we recreate memories through Digital Oil Paintings.

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