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Things to Look Out For A New Property Launch

6 Most Important Things To Look For A New Property Launches

The real estate market in Singapore is very competitive, especially the new property condo launches. Purchasing a property, for example, necessitates a significant financial investment, even if it’s a small unit. As a property investor in Singapore, what are the most important things that you should look out for in a new property launch?

The Location

It is perhaps the most crucial factor to remember for a new property launch in Singapore. Half the battle is won if the latest new launch condo is within a short walk of a public MRT station. Add to that the inclusion of nearby facilities such as famous schools, shopping centers, and eateries. This modern development is a true jewel! Naturally, expect to pay a higher premium for it. Let us share this little secret with you, it’s well worth your time. You should predict excellent capital growth and decent rental yield rates.

Future Developments

Are there any new industrial, shopping, leisure, or public transportation developments around the new property launch? It has a close connection with the previous question. Is the upcoming unit launch part of a more significant transformation? The announcement of a second Central Business District in the new launch Singapore condo, for example, has resulted in a surge in demand for nearby new launch condos.

The Developer For Propert Launches

Although the authority of Singapore has strict criteria for property developers for the new launch of Singapore condos, it is still a good idea to do some research on a new launch’s developer, mainly if it is unknown. Buyers may get enticed by the low rates and other benefits provided by these newcomers, but don’t jump in without doing your research first unless you’re willing to take some risks. Even don’t be fooled by intelligent, sharp-suited officers or by unique display units. Things usually are too good to be true usually.

Put Your Finances Together

To buy New Property, figure out how much cash you have on hand. There may be money in your bank account, fixed deposit account, stocks and bonds that you can quickly repossess, or money from your backers, such as your parents or family.

Make a list of your monthly earnings. Prepare your pay statement as well as all other financial returns you might have. See how much money you have in your Original Account (OA) that you can use to buy a house.


Have a list of all your fixed monthly costs, including your car loan, school loan (if applicable), credit card payment of monthly installments, and all other daily monthly expenses. Prepare a copy of all of the expense statements.

If you are looking to get married, please provide your spouse’s financial information in addition to your own. If you’re co-buying with a friend or relative, you can also have their financial information. In short, whoever wants a name on the property should gather all financial information for easy reference by all parties concerned, mainly the funders.

Contact Your Financier For New Launch Condos 

When you’ve gathered all of the details, contact the bankers at either of your preferred new property launch Singapore banks. If you don’t have one, we’ll get one for you. Inform us that you are looking to purchase a home in a new property launch Singapore and that you need an in-principle approval (IPA) for the maximum amount of mortgage credit that the bank can get.

You will be required to send records to the bank for reference and consideration to validate the above financial details, such as your revenue and expenditures. The actual IPA will get issued to you after that.

Clear Financial Case First:

You must complete this financial clearance first. In our perspective, our clients often see a property they want but are afraid to purchase because they are uncertain whether they will be able to provide the necessary financing. Projects pass quickly during better days when the economy is hot, and prompt decisions are preferable. If you are unaware of your financial condition, your dream home can vanish right before your eyes.

Informative IPA

Getting an informative IPA from your banker ahead of time is entirely appropriate. It makes no difference if you haven’t purchased any real estate. You are not required to buy anything to obtain the IPA from the bank. It will offer you the assurance and support you need when looking for your ideal home. Contact us now to find out more about your financial calculation also you can check about decorative designs.

Engage An Agent For New Property Launch

You now have a better understanding of your spending and the types of properties you can choose. The next crucial move is to enlist the assistance of a knowledgeable and honest real estate agent to guide you through the process. Many people overlook this move, resulting in a variety of problems that we will not address today.

A qualified agent can help you in a variety of ways. That’s where we make a real difference in your real estate experience. First and last, as previously said, we will work with you to decide your financial condition. We’ll give you advice on the new government proposals, known as “cooling steps,” and how they could influence you. We’ll help you figure out how much tax and stamp duty you’ll have to pay. We will do our best to respond to all of your questions and comments as soon as possible.

It’s also necessary to consider your residency status. Your financial situation determines whether you spend more or less. Singapore property launches come with a set of benefits. We will tell you how much stamp duty you’ll have to pay and what kind of property you’re eligible to purchase until we’ve determined whether you’re a Singapore citizen (SC), a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR), or a foreigner. It is a vital topic that we must address to avoid any problems as we go into the selling process.


We sometimes come across challenging situations where buyers are having trouble getting a loan. In such cases, we will consult with trained financial advisors from Singapore property launches to investigate legal alternatives for obtaining land financing.

You’re able to start looking for your new home from new property launch Singapore now that you’ve secured your finances and have a qualified agent by your side. Visit us.

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