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What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing or digital marketing, also called online marketing or web marketing, is an umbrella term for all marketing methods that run through the internet. It is a form of digital marketing, but not all digital marketing is done via the internet. So the two terms are not the same, but they do overlap. Digital marketing is visible everywhere and is a way for advertisers to attract traffic and acquire customers. Via internet marketing, you can sell products, offer services, create brand awareness, recruit readers, students, and subscribers, and much more. It is an excellent way to increase your online visibility.

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Offline marketing is the opposite of internet marketing. By offline marketing, we mean all marketing methods that are not done digitally. You can think of placing an ad in the newspaper or handing out a flyer, but it goes much further than that. Promotional gifts, sponsoring a football club, placing a flag on a table at a conference or a billboard at a concert are all examples of offline marketing. Internet marketing is digital, while offline marketing is the only analog.

The goal is the conversion

The goal of digital marketing is to get a conversion. A conversion is a visitor who performs an important action on your website. If you have a webshop, it is someone who makes a purchase. 

By performing internet marketing you attract more visitors to your website, but you also ensure that those visitors convert. It is therefore not surprising that internet marketing is a very broad concept that includes a large number of methods. Examples of internet marketing

To give you an idea of ​​how broad the term internet marketing is, we have compiled a list here with some examples of methods that fall under that heading.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Search engine advertising (SEA).
  • Social media marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Remarketing.
  • Conversion optimization.

Web Marketing It starts with a good foundation

By working on internet marketing you attract more visitors to your website. It is then up to you to convert it. The success of your internet marketing strategies is thus directly influenced by the quality of your pages. Imagine you’ve set up a great ad campaign that is starting to do its job. Traffic to your website increases and you pay a certain amount per click. If this traffic ends up on a bad landing page, on a website that is slow and not loading. On an error page, on a piece of text that cannot be figured out, on the wrong product page, and so on, your click has been a waste of money.

That is why digital marketing always starts with SEO and conversion optimization. You ensure that the basics, so your website and landing pages, are in perfect order. They are convincing, clear, structured, and beautifully designed pages with a clear call to action. They invite the visitor to perform an action. Once that is done, you can start working on other forms of internet marketing.

The Benefits of Internet Marketing

It is not even that long ago that marketing mainly took place offline. You placed an advertisement in the newspaper, had a brochure distributed, handed out flyers in the main street, or advertised through your booth at a conference. This way of advertising was often quite expensive and did not always yield the best results. In addition, it was static and you had limited influence on reaching a specific target group.

Compare this situation to digital marketing, and the great benefits of these digital strategies quickly become apparent.

Base 1. Internet marketing is cheap

You can make digital marketing as expensive as you want. If you are going to advertise via Google Adwords, you enter a budget and you do not exceed it. It is possible to set up very large advertising campaigns via Facebook and Google to reach a huge target group and it is possible to tackle it small, for example via TikTok or LinkedIn, and thus address a very specific target group. Digital marketing can even be free. Write a blog, share it on your social media channels, and advertise for free.

2. Internet marketing is measurable and dynamic

From the moment your ad is printed in the newspaper and sent out into the world, you are at the mercy of the gods. That is not the case with digital marketing. You start a campaign and from that moment keep track of exactly how many people see your ad, how many respond to it, and how much convert. You have the option to take that data and adjust, tweak and perfect your campaign. Internet marketing is measurable, down to the smallest detail and dynamic. These are major advantages because it gives you the opportunity to immediately correct errors during the running time.

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