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Fireplace or Steam Boiler: 5 Points To Look At Before Purchasing One

Numerous processes can be used to heat a property. Two of the most common options that people choose from are the fireplace and steam boilers. Both are great and efficient heating systems that provide warm temperatures during the cold. However, certain factors make one better than the other.

Fireplace and steam boilers are both great long term choices for your property. But, it would cost some money to invest in any of the two. That’s why you must gauge the factors that will benefit you the most. Here are points to take note of before you swipe your card on that heating system.

1. Size of your property

Technically, fireplaces are only capable of heating a certain area where it is located. It is not ideal if you are looking for a heating system that would cover your entire property. This best fits livings areas or bedrooms where you’d like to have a specific temperature to be maintained.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a centralised heating system, steam boilers might be the best option for you. Consider that boilers do have different types. Firetube boilers may be the better option if the sole purpose of your purchase is for heating only.

If you are looking for a boiler that you can use for heating and other services, a water tube might be the one that you need. Water-tube boilers are typically used if you need higher temperatures to maintain and produce. That would be beneficial for business owners or residential owners who rent out their property.

Make sure to assess and consider the size of your property before making a purchase. It will help you make the most out of a system’s benefits and your invested money.

2. Purpose of the heating system

After the size comes the purpose. Some usually tend to go for a fireplace solely for aesthetic purposes. Some also have both heating systems at their house. But if you’re looking to buy for the first time, it’s important to purchase one that will serve you a great purpose.

If you plan to have a fireplace for decoration to beautify your living space, you’re not only buying solely for aesthetics but also for something useful. That could also work if you already have a steam boiler at your home, but the pipes don’t work well in a certain area at the house. Maybe going for a fireplace would be cheaper and would fit your current needs.

For new house owners, consider the spaces of your property and if you plan to use one centralised heating for all. If you do, then look for a fire tube or water tube boiler brand that offers the best specifications that match yours. Do your research and ask away all your questions. Since installation and servicing of steam boilers can be costly, it’s best to know everything you need rather than to have a mindless purchase.

3. Which heating system fits your budget

The prices of fireplace and steam boilers vary depending on the brand, type, and size. If you already identified your answers on the first two points discussed above, it’s time to allocate a budget. How much are you willing to cash out for a brand new heating system?

Typically, steam boilers, specifically modern ones are considered the best cost-effective system that you can get. Modern pipe works and boilers are great in delivering consistent steam for centralised heating. It’s a great suggestion to avoid going for older steam boilers since they won’t probably be as effective as modern ones.

For a fireplace, it is often recommended to go for a gas fireplace than the traditional one. It is the best option most especially if you don’t have a chimney at your place. Gas fireplace relies completely on gas and there’s no need to worry for a cold day if there’s an electric shutdown.

Allocate a specific budget for your heating system. From there, check out all of the qualities of your choices and which one best accommodates your needs and allocated price range.

4. How will you utilise the heating system?

It’s important to ask this question before you finally decide on which one to buy. This point is also directed to the first two points discussed. How often are you going to rely on your heating system? Do you plan to use it for the whole day? Or for a certain time only until the room is warm enough?

Fireplaces produce heat that is enough to last for a specific area. If you want your heating system to be adjusted any time you want to, maybe a centralised boiler system is the better option. Both are efficient in their way. It will all depend on the user, on how they will utilise their efficiency based on their needs.

If you live alone, has a small home, and works most of the day, maybe a fireplace will work for you. Still, it all depends on how you will utilise it.

5. Go for the one that you envision in the long run

Lastly, go for the one that you see will benefit you in the long run. Not only in terms of its efficiency but a heating system that you can maintain. For a fireplace or steam boiler to perform at its top condition, it needs to be checked regularly. This will prevent the system to acquire small issues that might build up and cause bigger ones in the long run.

Know the basic care and maintenance that your chosen heating system needs. Inquire where you can have its parts replaced when needed. Try to learn the basics on how to address a minor issue for repair. Basic care for your heating system will save you from expenses in the future if you mitigate it in the very beginning.

Choose to utilise it regardless of your preference

Make sure that you choose something that you are committed to utilising. It would be such a waste to purchase one that you find not suitable for your needs. Both choices will surely provide benefits that are equally efficient to your lifestyle preferences.

Good luck with finding the right heating system for you! Go for the one that will keep you warm on a cold, hazy night.

About the author:

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer for Trilogy Boilers Australia, a veteran in specialized boiler and burner installations, servicing, engineering, industrial gas plumbing, and more. She is a massive lover of Japanese cuisine and enjoys binge-watching comedies or variety shows.

Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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