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Rooster Comb Injections to Reduce Knee Pain

Rooster Comb Injections

You must have heard about Rooster Comb Injections. If not, you should know that these comprise a by-product or component of a little red part on the rooster’s head. The injection is also known as rooster comb or lubricant shots.  Experts extract hydraulic acid from it. Now you might think, what is the main purpose of these injections? These are highly effective in treating knee pains. But if you want to know how Rooster Comb Injections reduce knee pain, you must read this article. 

The Origin of Rooster Injections 

When we talk about its origin, we should know that the first generation was derived from the chicken’s comb. The new product has its origins from ‘viscosupplement.’ Hence, rooster is not the origin of the second-generation products. Instead, the second generation originates from microbial sources. So, these are extracts of bacteria that act helpful products for medicines. Hydraulic acid, being the chicken comb’s key ingredient, can now be fermented from bacterial sources. So, bacteria is the major source of majority of the products in the market rather than nature. 

The viscosupplements are approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved to treat degenerative knee joint disease. 

How Can You Use Lubricant Injections? 

The rooster comb injections help manage osteoarthritis of joints. This condition can occur in the knee joint, ankle, or shoulder joint. People suffering from this condition have their articular cartilage damaged. It is protective cartilage that covers the bone. 

When you suffer an injury and your cartilage gets damaged or worn. Or you experience wear and tear due to aging, or genetic reasons, you suffer from osteoarthritis. So, lubricant injections are the best medical solution for the affected joints. 

Medical experts consider that osteoarthritis of all joints is similar. But FDA has only recommended rooster injections for the knee

Why Is This Treatment Better Than Others? 

As you know, this pioneering nature-inspired treatment for osteoarthritis is safe and effective. In comparison, other treatments may include steroids. The most common type of steroid is cortisone. Cortisone injections can effectively manage osteoarthritis. But it will be effective only for a limited period. 

You should know that steroid injections are recommended for patients experiencing osteoarthritis flare. Hence, it does not ensure long-term benefits. 

If you take viscosupplements for knee pain or joint issue, it is injected through rooster injections. You should know that it works differently than steroids. It works to revive and restore the synovial fluid’s volume and thickness. This natural fluid is a lubricant in the joints the minimizes friction. So, this is the way hydraulic acid or lubricant injections treat. 

Are There Any Side-Effects of These Lubricant Injections? 

If you get this injection, you are asked to refrain from high-impact activities like intense workouts or rigorous tasks. By doing this, you will reserve the particles and fix the receptor positions on the synovial cells. You should avoid such activities for at least 48 hours after receiving the injection. 

When Will I Feel Relieved, and For How Long Will It Be? 

After you receive the injection, the fluid transformation process may take almost four to seven weeks. Your doctor will counsel you to wait for the results. On the contrary, a steroid injection may provide quick relief that can be observed within three to four days. 

Also, it would help if you considered the severity of your arthritis condition. It may last for six months in some people, while it may continue for two years in others. Hence, you should benefit for at least six months.

Do Health Insurance Policies cover rooster Treatment? 

As the FDA approves these injections, most insurance plans cover the treatment. However, it would help if you discussed it with your insurer as not all plans might cover it. It varies from one company to another. So, schedule an appointment with your insurance provider for complete information. 

What Should Be the Frequency of The Rooster Treatment? 

Experts recommend repeating these injections after every six months. And a majority of the insurance companies also approve it. But your doctor can guide you better. 

What to Do if I Have Low Cartilage in My Joints? 

Less cartilage in your knee or other joints means obvious prediction. The reason is that it is an advanced stage of osteoarthritis. You may experience little or no benefit from these injections if your ailment is at an advanced level. 

In this case, it is best to consult an expert orthopedic physician who can help you make a good decision. The doctor will guide you if this is the appropriate treatment for your condition or not. 

Do you need surgery, or is this injection helpful? 

When other treatments are not effective, then surgery becomes the ultimate choice. It is not realistic to tell patients who have last-stage arthritis that doctors can manage their condition with non-operative measures. 

If you are suffering from comorbidities such as heart ailment have a risk of surgery cannot be treated for joint surgery. In this situation, doctors can use non-surgical treatments that includes steroid and hydraulic injections. 

Don’t let osteoarthritis overpower you and deprive you of incredible life experiences. Just get the proper treatment, and continue your sports and other life activities immediately.  


So, severe osteoarthritis or inflammation may cause intense knee pain. In this case, immediate medical attention is the best solution. If you do not want any surgical treatment, there are many effective non-surgical treatments. An example is lubricant injections. Timely treatment will save you from significant hassles. 

Your doctor will recommend the best brand for these injections, as every type has a slight difference in HA concentration, thickness, and the number of injections required. These injections are safe for use for all joints (hip, shoulder, knee, and ankle) in the body. But these are highly effective for the knee joint. Proper treatment will surely give incredible results.

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