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Make a fantastic trip to Vallejo city California with Jetblue airlines

Plan a Fantastic Trip to Vallejo City, California with Jetblue Airlines

Plan a Fantastic Trip to Vallejo City, California with Jetblue Airlines

Have you ever witnessed the exquisite beauty and charm of Vallejo City in California? If not, you are majorly missing the travel fun and adventure in your life. 

Vallejo is a charming city in California, lying around the San Francisco Bay region. Every year tourists from different countries or cities visit the site to enjoy an unforgettable trip with their family or friends. There are plenty of locations ideal for spending a great time and worth exploring. It includes Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum, Empress Theater of 1911, and Benicia State Recreation Area. Moreover, the site is home to plenty of amusement parks featuring high-speed roller coaster rides and other throttling activities. 

The Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum exhibits the city’s unique history and the U.S at Mare Island. The Empress Theater of 1911 hosted many concerts and films, offering endless entertainment to the tourists and locals. On the other hand, the recreation area combines lush green hillsides and gorgeous beaches. 

Discover the fascinating places in Vallejo City and spend the best days of your life along with your travel companions.  

Empress Theatre

One of the major landmarks, the Express Theater of 1911, is among the most popular performing art theatres and venues in Vallejo city. The site hosts many special events from movies, live music performances, concerts, and private shows. This is the evidence why it is called the hub of entertainment and true fun. The theater was established by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and designed by William A.Jones. 

Besides watching a great show at the theatre, visitors can witness the impeccable architecture of the magnificent building. It lies downtown on Virginia Street within a few blocks inland from the Napa River, receiving brilliant marks from the audience. The high-tech lights, great sound systems, and classy lounge bar style often organize more intimate events. In short, watching films and live performances is not less than a treat to visitors’ eyes. 

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

There is no shortage of impressive amusement parks in California and Six Flags  Discovery Kingdom is one of the most famous attractions. If you are traveling with kids, take them to the kingdom, featuring thrilling and interactive activities. The rides are nearly for people of all age groups, so there are no age barriers on anything. In addition, the site is home to great dining options, live entertainment, and plenty of roller coasters and other rides. The beautiful park lies on Fairgrounds Drive in Vallejo, and it is about five kilometers northeast of downtown. 

Visitors can take a break from the beach or tropical fun and enjoy thrilling rides. The Dare Devil Chaos Coaster is the latest inverting roller coaster among all in the kingdom. It includes Batman the Ride, and it is California’s first 4D free-fly coaster and the Boomerang Coast to Coaster. Plan a day trip with your kids and family and give them a chance to relive their childhood in the best possible manner. 

Mare Island, Vallejo, California

Originally, Mare Island was once the home of the Bay Area’s most notable and significant shipbuilding region. However, today, the Naval Shipyard is open for all kinds of exploration to the ones who wish to visit the site. Also, more than 100 businesses are running on the island. In 1854, Mare Island became the first naval base on the west coast of the United States. The first U.S.warship of 1859 and first dry dock from 1872 to 1891 was established on the west coast in the region. 

It is a favorite place for photographers, travelers, and nature lovers, and they can stroll through the fascinating wetlands and green hills. Travelers can take a tour of the historical buildings and famous shipyards and witness the alluring scenery with their naked eyes. Other attractions to explore include the west coast’s oldest Naval cemetery, the grand officer’s apartment, and the ancient Naval chapel. Visit the airline’s official site and make Jetblue booking to explore the best and popular places in Vallejo city, California. 

Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum

The fascinating stories of Vallejo’s place in the United States Navy share history at the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum. It lies on Mare Island and exhibits a wide range of exciting roles played in the western operations by the soldiers. Moreover, there are five art galleries within the community and the naval shipyard dedicated to the local artists’ works. There is also a working submarine periscope at the historical museum, showcasing the city’s spectacular sight and Mare Island. With over 25,000 square feet of a massive exhibition area, there are plenty of things to see at the museum and the Vallejo Naval.  

History seekers can see an amazing collection of artifacts, including model ships, historical photographs, maritime memorabilia, and other remnants. Over the past years, the site has served various roles, including the police station and government official building. 

Carquinez Bridge, Vallejo, California

The Carquinez Bridge is the landmark of Vallejo, and it comprises two parallel bridges. The bridge was really one structure once it had been first inbuilt in 1927. Later in 1958, the construction of the second bridge was completed to deal with the heavy traffic. The parallel bridge spans the Carquinez Strait at San Francisco Bay and forms part of Interstate 80 in Vallejo, California. 

There aren’t any explicit things that one should stop by and see on the bridge itself. But the scenery from the bridge is totally spectacular, and one can’t ignore it while crossing the bridge. You can see the neighboring city of Crockett and even click great pictures of an iconic construction of the town. You have to buy an E-Z Pass at the Bay Bridge for a two-axle vehicle at $2.50. 

Napa Smith Brewery, Vallejo, California

Napa Smith Brewery lies in the Bay Area in California, and it is a family-owned and operated brewery well-known for craft beers. The attraction preserves the tradition of the classic taste of American craft beer, and they taste great. The brewery serves the top-notch quality of beers that the greatest wineries in the world even serve. They use the best ingredients and maintain a stable recipe to make the regular pours. Visitors can go to the taproom to taste Napa Smith’s top ten popular brews or even take the bottle home with them. Book your Allegiant Air tickets now and pack your bags to experience the treasures of California’s beautiful city. 

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